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Ultimate Chow Gar

Ready to unleash your potential? Now’s the time!

Achieve your martial arts goals and access expert training, personalised guidance, and unparalleled insights into the world of Chow Gar Mantis.

The Ancient Spirit of Chow Gar - Saam Bo Gin

Build real fighting skills, and an exceptionally resilient “martial body”.

Experience The Unique Ancient Techniques of Chow Gar:

  • Perfect Form
  • Peak Shock Power
  • Amazing Speed
  • And the “Martial Body” You Can Use Like Never Before

Have you tried other martial arts styles but didn't get the results you wanted?

Are you more interested in your inner power and what you’re capable of than the “acrobatics”?

  • If you want to go beyond the surface in your martial arts training…
  • If you want to improve in ways other martial arts styles can’t help you…
  • Or if you’re looking for the traditional training that provides deeper understanding, and builds your body, your mind and even your life skills for many years to come…

… then the original lineage of Chow Gar Tong Long is what you’ve been looking for.

Best Ultimate Chow Gar Online Training School

Decoding the teachings of ancient masters

Now you don’t have to live in a Shaolin monastery to develop those “superpowers” only a select few practitioners could attain back in the day.

Real, traditional Kung Fu is not a mystical secret anymore. Not many people know it or practice it, but here is your chance: this course is “decoding” the teachings of ancient masters, and teaches you everything in a structured, easy-to-follow way.

You just need to know what and how to practice, and do it every day. The transformation is inevitable.

Chow Gar is famous for its special skills based on the power generation method preserved through the last centuries. It builds up not only a special kind of power, but also makes the body of the practitioner very resistant to outside impacts.

This is called the Iron Shirt.

Why it is so hard to build a martial body and gain real fighting skills?

We  almost failed.

We’ve been on our Kung Fu  journeys for over a decade by then. Just like others, we were after those “real fighting skills”. That inner power that can withstand anything and makes you almost superhuman.

Yet, none of the styles we’ve been trained in got us what we were looking for.

It felt hopeless.

And then we came across something incredible. We found the authentic way of Chow Gar through Gatekeeper Grandmaster Ip Chee Keung.

Chow Gar Tong Long – aka “The Way of the Southern Mantis” – was everything we’ve been dreaming of. It was the missing piece. It was the way to transform our bodies, to develop exceptional strength, and to use that special kind of power in ways we’ve never seen before.

We dedicated ourselves to learning everything we can from the Grandmaster, and to pass on his knowledge.

That’s how the online training program was born: we wanted to reach as many martial artists as possible with this special knowledge.

All of us are high-level direct disciples of Sifu Ip Chee Keung, the inheritor Gatekeeper Grandmaster of one of the last traditional kung-fu systems. Sifu Bálint Vitárius is a Master of Chow Gar – one of only four people in the whole world Ip Chee Keung has awarded this title to.

The Chow Gar Kung Fu Online School

This 5-module complete program provides:

  • Deep knowledge and understanding of the original lineage of Chow Gar Tong Long
  • Complete teachings where we share everything about the system (even certain chi kung exercises and power building methods that were considered “secret teachings” even recently).
  • Building a new body structure – the famous “mantis body” – a connected, powerful body
  • Perfect postures that enable you to use your body to its full potential
  • Inner power, strength and stamina
  • Exceptional Shock Power – the special power unique to Chow Gar
  • The art of “how to practice” for faster results and higher efficiency
  • Self confidence and heightened focus
  • Amazing speed
  • Fighting skills you can actually use in any real-life situation

"Very professional"

The online academy is very professional and I’m very happy with it. The Chow Gar Praying Mantis Martial System is being presented and transmitted in a very clear, straightforward, systematic and profound way. The Teachers/Masters/Sifus are very passionate and love what they are doing and it shows in each and every video. Thank you very much for creating such a high level martial arts training portal.

– Robert Ryan

"You get more open and in depth information than you get from most instructors out there in person"

If you have to study on line and remotely, which is my case, then I think this is your best option. I have studied martial arts for over 50 years and you get more open and in depth information than you get from most instructors out there in person. Great comunity and very very knowledgeable tutors.

– Mr. Humphreys

"The best martial class and style I've ever attended"

Excellent well timed lessons so as not to overwhelm you, in depth instructions with very knowledgeable Sifus who go above and beyond to transmit the principles of their lineage. The Sifus are very helpful with their students and have social media and other clubs for their students as well. They have excellent demonstrations of the Sifus skills and power. I’d say this is the best martial class and style I’ve ever attended.

 – Pete P

The Iron Body & Power Chain Method

If you’ve never learned from a Chinese master directly, let me tell you: it’s not easy for our western mind to understand the concepts they teach with their eastern mindset. They don’t speak much, and when they do it’s in metaphors… and it’s your job to figure out what that actually means and how you can use it.

This is one of the reasons this program is so valuable: we “translated” all those concepts into simple explanations and instructions, so that it’s much easier for you to grasp.

We also developed a special training method called the Iron Body & Power Chain concept. This focused, conscious way of exercise will help you to:

  • Develop and build a connected and powerful body
  • Become flexible and you can use your power in an instant, reactive way
  • Have a body that’s resilient to physical impact like hits and kicks
  • Develop real fighting skills
  • Gain confidence in your abilities

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How to enroll

You can get the training program in complete modules, or you can buy its sub-modules individually too. You can watch the lessons whenever you want to, and you get lifetime access to every training material you buy.

The prices are valid for a limited time, so it’s wise to get the modules you will need during the next 6 months to a year. 

You get 30 days payback guarantee, no questions asked! 

What you’ll get

  • Ancient traditional techniques translated into western thinking and concepts (the way the chinese masters teach is really hard to decipher for anyone)
  • 30 years of experience in learning and teaching
  • We don’t keep information to ourselves. We pour everything into these training lessons, because we want you to have it all.
  • We will teach you everything we have learned, very precisely and in detail, like no one has ever taught it before.
  • Video lessons with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions
  • Each module is built to achieve a specific milestone, a set of skills and a level of strength
  • A closed group membership where we answer all your questions
  • Private live online coaching possibility
  • Private in-person coaching possibility in Hungary


I. Get The Taste Of It

First - Beginner Level Module

Available with subtitles in
English – Spanish – Portuguese – Italian – French – German – Greek – Arabic – Chinese (simplified)

Excerpt of the module

Save 30% and get the full module

This is the first module of the program. Introduces you the foundations of the system, it builds your body frame, teaches essential concepts, powerful strengthening exercises, core techniques, and by the end, the most important Chi Kung exercise, the core form of the system called Saam Bo Gin or Three Steps Arrow Punch

🕐 13,5 hours of material

  • 58 videos
  • 24 lessons
  • 24 short trainings
  • 7 big trainings
  1. Introduction

Stance & Footwork & Fists – Foundations

  1. Stance & Short Step
  2. First Short Training
  3. Basic fists & Closed Mantis Position & Long Step & Gar Sao
  4. Second Short Training

Strengthening Chi Kung & Relaxing Exercises

  1. Jee Lik & Dil Sao & Breathing
  2. Third Short Training
  3. Kim Ma & Chuen San Gup
  4. Fourth Short Training
  5. First Big Training Session

San Sao Section – Core Hand Techniques

  1. Warm Up Exercise & Gin Choi
  2. Fifth Short Training
  3. Double Gin Choi & Bil Jee & Combinations
  4. Sixth Short Training
  5. Tung Sat & Dao sao & Breathing
  6. Seventh Short Training
  7. Second Big Training Session
  8. Shue Bo & Sai Sao
  9. Eighth Short Training
  10. Half Step & Jee Lik Dragon Claw & Narp Sao
  11. Ninth Short Training
  12. Soc Sao & Yin Kum
  13. Tenth Short Training
  14. Chum Chang Sao & Kum La Sao
  15. Eleventh Short Training
  16. Third Big Training Session
  17. Got Sao & Mut Sao
  18. Twelfth Short Training
  19. Tao Sao & Saw Sao
  20. Thirteenth Short Training
  21. Fourth Big Training Session
  22. Lap Sao & Release & Soft Chi Kung
  23. Fourteenth Short Training
  24. Loi Noi Yuen Sao & Gao Choi – Release
  25. Fifteenth Short Training
  26. Lim Chang Sao & Soft Chi Kung
  27. Sixteenth Short Training
  28. Turn
  29. Seventeenth Short Training
  30. Key Lum Bo & Tat Jeurng
  31. Eighteenth Short Training
  32. Fifth Big Training Session
  33. Quick Turn & Hammer Fist Conditioning
  34. Nineteenth Short Training
  35. Kum La – Tung Sat -Tung Ja
  36. Twentieth Short Training

Saam Bo Gin – The Core Form

  1. Baat Sik – Part 1
  2. Twenty-first Short Training
  3. Baat Sik – Part 2
  4. Twenty-second Short Training
  5. Sixth Big Training Session
  6. Saam Bo Gin – Part 1
  7. Twenty-third Short Training
  8. Saam Bo Gin – Part 2
  9. Twenty-fourth Short Training
  10. Last Big Training Session

Closing Section

  1. Closing &
  2. Tips & Advices


  • 31 weeks
  • 58 video
  • 24 lessons
  • 24 short trainings
  • 7 big trainings

Get It By Submodules

I. / 1 submodule

Foundation & Core techniques

I. / 2 submodule

San Sao (Hand Techniques)

I. / 3 submodule

Saam Bo Gin (Three Step Arrow Punch)

II. Feel And Understand

Second - Intermediate Level Module

Excerpt of the module

Save 30% and get the full module

This module gives larger space for you to sense and realise your feelings which escort your internal work. We give you the guidelines (the principles) but you need to recognise your inner sensations by yourself in order to use them to recall what to do exactly. Here, you learn internal concepts and theories and you also get a bunch of Chi Kung to put theory in practice.

🕐 15,5 hours of material

  • 95 videos
  • 44 lessons
  • 44 short trainings
  • 5 big trainings
  1. Introduction

Locking Basics

  1. Locking
  2. First Training Block
  3. Steps & Locking
  4. Second Training Block
  5. Kim Ma, Jee Lik & Locking
  6. Third Training Block

Saam Jin Yiu Kiu & Concepts & Chi Kung

  1. Mantis Stand By
  2. Fourth Training Block
  3. Yiu Kiu – Kung Jin Ma (Bow And Arrow Stance)
  4. Fifth Training Block
  5. Yiu Kiu – Complete
  6. Sixth Training Block
  7. Dip Gwat Gung – Part 1
  8. Seventh Training Block
  9. First Big Training
  10. Turning the hip
  11. Eighth Training Block
  12. Sat Kiu
  13. Ninth Training Block
  14. Yiu Kiu – Dao & Yin Kum & Gin Choi
  15. Tenth Training Block
  16. Yiu Kiu – Single Hand Gin Choi, Fan Sao, Turn
  17. Eleventh Training Block
  18. Saam Gin Yiu Kiu – Closing Section
  19. Twelfth Training Block
  20. Maan Dan Sao
  21. Thirteenth Training Block
  22. Bow Chong
  23. Fourteenth Training Block
  24. Second Big Training – first alternative training (forms)
  25. Hap Jeurng Kung – Part 1
  26. Fifteenth Training Block
  27. Hap Jeurng Kung – Part 2 
  28. Sixteenth Training Block
  29. Saam Bo Gin – Locking Details
  30. Seventeenth Training Block 
  31. Deng Choi 
  32. Eighteenth Training Block
  33. Kok Choi 
  34. Nineteenth Training Block
  35. Third Big Training
  36. Fou Cham Bow Chong – rövid
  37. Twentieth Training Block
  38. Kam Yin Sao – concept-el és application-el
  39. TwentyFirst Training block
  40. Dip Gwat Gung – Part 2
  41. TwentySecond Training Block
  42. Fou Cham Tan Tou – Part 1
  43. TwentyThird Training Block
  44. Fou Cham Tan Tou – Part 2
  45. TwentyFourth Training Block
  46. Body Core – Expansion
  47. TwentyFifth Training Block

 San Sao Applications

  1. Sai Sao Applications
  2. TwentySixth Training Block
  3. Dao Sao Applications
  4. TwentySeventh Training Block
  5. Power level observation
  6. TwentyEighth Training Block
  7. Chum Chang Sao Applications
  8. TwentyNinth Training Block
  9. Saw Sao Applications
  10. Thirtieth Training Block
  11. Lim Chang Sao Applications
  12. Thirty-First Training Block
  13. Soc Sao applications
  14. Thirty-Second Training Block
  15. Loi Noi Yuen Sao & Gao Choi applications
  16. Thirty-Third Training Block
  17. Fourth Big Training
  18. Gao Choi Applications
  19. Thirty-Fourth Training Block
  20. Got Sao Applications
  21. Thirty-Fifth Training Block
  22. Mut Sao Applications
  23. Thirty-Seventh Training Block
  24. Lap Sao Applications
  25. Thirty-Eighth Training Block
  26. Bow Chong Applications
  27. Thirty-Ninth Training Block
  28. Fifth Big Training
  29. Deng Choi Applications
  30. Fourtieth Training Block
  31. Sat Kiu & Maan Dan Sao Applications
  32. Fourty-First Training Block
  33. Kum La Sao applications
  34. Fourty-Second Training Block
  35. Ying Kum applications
  36. Fourty-Third Training Block
  37. Yiu Kiu Applications
  38. Fourty-Fourth Training Block
  39. Saam Gin Yiu Kiu – Closing
  40. Fourty-Fifth Training Block


  1. Common issues
  2. Closing & Advice


  • 50 weeks
  • 95 video
  • 44 lessons
  • 44 short trainings
  • 5 big trainings

Get It By Submodules

II. / 1 submodule

Locking Basics & Saam Jin Yiu Kiu Form (Shake Off The Bridge)

II. / 2 submodule

Fou Chum Tan Tou & San Sao Application Concepts Part 1

II. / 3 submodule

San Sao Application Concepts Part 2 & Closing

III. Get The Power

Third - Intermediate Level Module

Excerpt of the module

Save 30% and get the full module

Previous modules give you the theories and the tools to become stronger, here you can focus on how to build your power You also continue with feeling the different kinds of power and the level of your power. The foundation also becomes stronger here and you can detect the faults in your power chain – the ability to observe yourself during practicing has a great importance here. By finishing this module, you will have a clearer picture of whole body power and you will open a new perspective for yourself too.

🕐 9 hours of material

  • 46 videos
  • 26 lessons
  • 6 short trainings
  • 3 big trainings
  1. Introduction

Foundation Strength – Part 1

  1. Kiu Geng Saam Bo Gin
  2. Narp & Chit
  3. Chan Dai Geng
  4. Wan Yuen Hay Fu Kup
  5. First Set (The Beast Routine)
  6. Diu Kiu Jee Lik
  7. Waist Power Turns
  8. Collecting Cirlces & Release
  9. Old & Young Man Chi Kung
  10. Tip Bo Sam
  11. Second Set
  12. Chy Sao
  13. Pai Kiu
  14. Fung Arng Power Punch
  15. Stretched Arm Resistance Exercise

Neck Power

  1. Hap Sap Dan Tien Geng Ma
  2. Upward Neck Power
  3. Hap Jeurng Pair Set
  4. Turning the Neck
  5. Third Set
  6. First Big Training

Finger & Wrist Power

  1. Exercises with Jar – Dragon claw
  2. Strengthening with the Pole Wrist / Bridge
  3. Strenthening the Finger Tip
  4. Training Set

Second Stage Saam Bo Gin

  1. Second Stage Saam Bo Gin – Part 1
  2. Second Stage Saam Bo Gin – Part 2
  3. Second Stage Saam Bo Gin – Part 3
  4. Floating/flowing Saam Bo Gin
  5. Fifth Set
  6. Doi Chong 1
  7. Doi Chong 2
  8. Dip Gwat Lo Shuen Geng
  9. Mo Sat

Foundation Strength – Part 2

  1. Changing Claws – Part 1
  2. Changing Claws – Part 2
  3. Hap Jeurng Kung – With Power
  4. Chuen San Gup – Different Levels
  5. Sixth Set

Saam Bo Pai Kiu Form

  1. Saam Bo Pai Kiu – Part 1
  2. Saam Bo Pai Kiu – Part 2
  3. Saam Bo Pai Kiu – Part 3


  1. King Of Power Training – Solo Version
  2. King Of Power Training – Double Man Version
  3. Closing & Advice

Get It By Submodules

III. / 1 submodule

Foundation Strength - Part 1

III. / 2 submodule

Second Stage Saam Bo Gin

III. / 3 submodule

Saam Bo Pai Kiu (Slicing Bridge)

IV. Shake Off The Bridge

Fourth - Advanced Level Module

SOTB Module Thumb

Save 30% and get the full module

Shake Off the Bridge is about getting natural and getting spontaneous about using your own power. It is a sculptor’s way of cutting away the excess. In here you will also receive a lot of feedbacks on what’s going on in your body while practicing our kung-fu. This helps you to refine your power which is a never-ending process. Most probably in this module you will feel like “Finally, I have a good kung-fu!”.

🕐 15 hours of material

  • 58 videos
  • 44 lessons
  • 7 short trainings
  • 2 big trainings
  1. Introduction

Starting To Release

  1. About release
  2. Forward Or One Hand Release Bill Jee
  3. Got Sao & Bil Jee Release
  4. Kim Ma Bo Sim
  5. Over Head Release
  6. First Set

Speed Up Section

  1. About Speed Up
  2. Speed up Chi Kung
  3. Speed up Slow Saam Bo Gin
  4. Speed up Fast Saam Bo Gin
  5. Second Set (Speed Up Set)

Release II Section 

  1. About Release
  2. Release Lap Kiu
  3. Release Mut Kiu
  4. Release Pai Kiu
  5. Release Soc Kiu
  6. Release Double Jeurng
  7. Release Dai Sao
  8. First Mini training

Bo Sim Section

  1. Bo Sim Introduction
  2. Eagle Claw Bo Sim
  3. Tiger Claw Bo Sim
  4. Dragon Claw Bo Sim
  5. Mantis Claw Bo Sim
  6. Third Set
  7. Bow Chong & Chau Kiu

Saam Bo Pin Kiu Form Section

  1. Sam Bo Pin Kiu – Part 1
  2. Sam Bo Pin Kiu – Part 2

Techniques & Chongs Section

  1. Dan Tien Chi Kung With Release
  2. Fourth Set
  3. Tan Sao With Steps
  4. Chit Kiu Low & High
  5. Gin Sat
  6. Double Break With Shock
  7. First Big training
  8. Sai Sao Chong
  9. Pai & Lap – Single & Double
  10. Do Sao Chong
  11. Jeurng & Mut
  12. Short Tao Sao
  13. Chum Chang Sao Chong variations
  14. Tan & Outside Bow Chong
  15. Dai Sao With Break
  16. Second Mini training
  17. Loi Noi Yuen Sao Chong
  18. Chuen Sao
  19. Bow CHong In Pairs

Yiu Kiu & Pai Kiu Variations Section

  1. Chan Dai Geng With Pai Kiu
  2. Saam Gin Yiu Kiu & Saam Bo Pai Kiu form combination
  3. Saam Gin Yiu Yiu & Saam Bo Pai Kiu ending section variations
  4. Saw Sao Chong

Yam Yeurng Kum La Form Section 

  1. Yam Yeurng Kum La – Part 1
  2. Yam Yeurng Kum La – Part 2
  3. Yam Yeurng Kum La – Part 3

Closing Section

  1. Saam Bo Gin (One Step Release or Fast Fou, Chum, Tan, Tou)
  2. Second Stage Saam Bo Gin (Release)
  3. Big Training of all
  4. Closing & Advice

Get It By Submodules

III. / 1 submodule

Release & Speed up & Bo Sim

III. / 2 submodule

Pin Kiu & Tehcniques & Chongs

III. / 3 submodule

Form variations & Yam Yeurng & Closing

V. The Way Of The Mantis

Fifth - Advanced Level Module

This last module is open only for those who completed all the previous modules

However it seems like this is the end of the journey, more likely this is the beginning (of a new era). By this time you have the power and you control your techniques, so it’s time to refine your existing skills by learning such forms which cannot be really practiced without them, and to master the weapons of the system. Knowing how to use the weapons as an extension of your arms bring your hand techniques to a completely. This course will help you to refine your knowledge and deepen your understanding to start your path on becoming a Master.

  • 60 videos
  • 45 lessons
  • 6 short trainings
  • 3 big trainings
    1. Introduction

      1. Introduction



      1. Sup Baat Um Geng Sao -Soft
      2. Sup Baat Um Geng Sao – Hard
      3. Sup Baat Um Geng Sao -Release & All in one



      1. Fut Sao – Introduction
      2. Fut Sao – First Pattern
      3. Fut Sao – First Section
      4. Fut Sao – Second Pattern
      5. Fut Sao – First Turning
      6. Fut Sao – Two Sections Combined
      7. Fut Sao – Dynamic Chasing
      8. Fut Sao – Last Section
      9. Fut Sao – Closing
      10. First Set



      1. Introduction
      2. About The Pole
      3. Pole Handling basics – Part 1
      4. Pole Handling basics – Part 2
      5. Pole Handling basics – Part 3
      6. Pole Mini Training
      7. Five Element Form – First Sequence
      8. Five Element Form – First Turning
      9. Five Element Form – Third Sequence
      10. Five Element Form – Last Sequence & Whole Form
      11. First Big Training



      1. Chit Kiu Chong
      2. Bic Bui



      1. Lip Kiu Form – Part 1
      2. Lip Kiu Form – Part 2
      3. Second Set



      1. Palm Pushing
      2. Hip Pushing
      3. Dan Tien Pushing
      4. Chest Pushing
      5. Shoulder Pull
      6. Third Set



      1. Poison Snake Form – Part 1
      2. Poison Snake Form – Part 2
      3. Poison Snake Form – Part 3
      4. Pole Mini Training



      1. Geng Tan Chong
      2. Leg pull with stepping in
      3. Lap Kiu Chong
      4. Fourth Set



      1. Sei Ban Geng Tan – Tao Ending
      2. Sei Ban Geng Tan – Alternate Ending
      3. Sei Ban Geng Tan & Lip Kiu with Alternate Ending
      4. Second Big Training



      1. Sat Kiu Chong
      2. Lim Chang Chong
      3. Yam Yeurng Kum La Chong
      4. Pin Kiu Chong



      1. Side Step & Downward Hit
      2. Lao Sui Gwan & Downward Hit
      3. Deng Gwan & Cross-Step with Block



      1. Way Of The Mantis Big Training
      2. Closing & Advice – Become a Master With Us 

What Our Students Say About Us


"The quality and quantity of the content is remarkable and all the instructions can be understood from zero because of the experience and commitment of the teachers."

I like from this course how well and crystal clear are directed all the training sessions, with deep details and explanations. The quality and quantity of the content is remarkable and all the instructions can be understood from zero because of the experience and commitment of the teachers.
What makes this course different is the real time attention and assessment that the team is providing, almost (or not almost) 24/7.

I would only add more subtitles and maybe an app format. But this course is a 9'9/10 course, overall and really worths it. I don't think that there is any better option by far, if you are really interested in learning and comprehend a traditional martial art without fancy stuff nor modern additional things.



I met you through a student of yours. We both follow each other on Facebook. I was surprised to see his way of training and did some research to find out what it was. I think that if it wasn't for you teaching it, this Kung fu might be forgotten over time, so I feel lucky to be part of the school and at the same time excited to learn it.



I like the format of the lessons, and also the non stop information and help from Sifus . I like mostly the hard chi Kung exercises, I feel that they make the difference between good Kung Fu and no so good Kung Fu.

From day one of the course i practice every evening from 20 to 45 minutes , it become a habit for me , I almost quit the heavy lifting because my muscles works hard during Chow Gar training. I feel stronger and more agile, more stable and reliable



I've found the instructional videos in this course to be clear and detailed, and especially liked how the big and small training sections quickly showed me how I can build my own proper training session at home.

As for the martial arts system itself, I was looking for a deeper understanding of Chinese martial arts and of the Chow Gar/Southern Praying Mantis system in particular, and feel like I've really found that here with the MyChowGar teachers after having tried a number of different kung fu systems/classes already.



The courses are very good since they are well designed and implemented: it is clear what to expect from these courses, since each online lessons have its own goals.

Moreover, there are Q&A and particular private sessions in which it is possible to solve doubts and therefore to have a deeper insight of the martial arts... all at your own time



Things I love about the course: Is very well structured. It guides you step by step by all technical and mechanical aspects.

There are many options for receive feedback: online Q&A, private facebook group, live workshops. It's focused. It will help you getting stronger. You'll notice this from the beginning. the most important thing Is that this guys don't keep much for themselves.

They are willing to share, I have allways had all my questions answered and they really welcomed us when we visitied them in Hungary.





Actually, yes. You can get to a pretty decent level, because the way we teach is really thorough, precise, and built up in a way that you can fully understand it and you’re able to practice it.

However, if you want to master anything, you obviously need to put energy in the training – here the quality is more important than the quantity.

It’s also good to meet your teacher(s) in person from time to time – it will help you get a feeling of what exactly inner power is.

It helps to have a training partner, after a certain amount of practice it’s easier to advance when you can practice with another person.

We are going through all the  levels of the system, from beginner to advanced.

This  system does not require and special flexibility. We do not have high kicks, big jumps, we do not practice acrobatic movements

The age of our practitioners is between 34 and 60. Our Sifu, the gatekeeper grandmaster  is 74 and in great shape, his father died at the age of 92 and he wast still practicing at that age. This system gives a life long perspective of practice.

The Chow Gar Praying Mantis system incorporates many soft and hard chi kung exercises (new gong and her gong). These exercises are not just about building special martial skills like iron shirt, but the purpose is also to keep the practicioners healthy and energised.

The goal of traditional Chinese martial arts are not just the effectiveness in fighting, but also to to build a long and healthy life.

Modern science has also discovered in the last decade the benefits of chi kung, many case studies are showing the great benefits of such practice.   

It depends on that specific module. Each of them have their own curriculum with different amount of lessons and trainings.

As an example, the first module called Get The Taste Of It takes 32 weeks to finish with weekly one lesson and training, the second module called Feel And Understand takes 50 weeks to finish with weekly one lesson and training. 

Since the modules are unlocked, anyone can go through on its own pace, so it also depends on their schedule, the time they can spend on practicing. 

If you are just starting with this system and want to learn it in details, the best is to follow the sequence of the modules. That is the most optimal way of learning, because all the modules were designed with a specific purpose and the teachings, the content of the modules are built on each-other.

In case you already have a background, you are more advanced in the system or you are interested in specific areas of the system, you can start with the module you want. We would advise to get in contact with us and clarify what is your background and your goal, to find the best solution for your development.  

We offer multiple options for such cases. First of all if you have a Facebook account, it worth to join our closed members group, where you can meet your fellow Kung Fu brothers and your teacher as well. You can ask your questions there, you can share your training videos and get tailored feedback on what you are doing or what you should do.

If you do not have a social media account, you can ask your question via email and also you can send us videos of yourself practicing and asking for advice. If it is necessary, you can have live  one on one zoom coaching sessions as well for a friendly price.

And of course you can visit us here in Hungary and train with us in person, and join one of our workshops and camps.    

Transform your body and add quality decades to your life

Kung Fu was always beyond simple physical practice. Real Kung Fu like Chow Gar is about a complete body transformation, and developing your inner power. Rooted in ancient Shaolin tradition, this kung-fu system managed to carry on its unique training method and the special skills it teaches into the modern times.

This system provides a lifelong perspective and the opportunity for development, good mental and physical fitness – even at a very old age – to live a long and active life of inner strength, confidence and harmony.

The most comprehensive Chow Gar training program ever created

We are on a mission to keep alive one of the last true martial art systems. This is by far the best and most comprehensive Chow Gar training program ever created, bringing this special martial art form available to those interested in REAL kung fu.

You will walk the path we’ve been walking the past 25 years – except we made it a straight path for you that is much easier to walk. It will strengthen not just your body, but also your mind and soul – as well as giving you a strong foundation to your life.

Start on the most traditional path of transformation: become very strong, dangerously fast, build real fighting skills, and an exceptionally resilient “martial body”.

Find your excellence.

Let us show you kung fu the way you’ve never experienced before.

You are invited.

We hope to see you inside.

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