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SUPERCHARGE Your Energy Levels in 3 Weeks or Less!

If you are here, it means you care about your health, your physical and mental wellbeing.

We can assure that you are at the right place.

Have you ever had one of those weeks, when you just feel exhausted and fatigued?

Tight deadlines at work, family waiting on you and so much to pay for..

You’re three coffee’s deep, and somehow wondering how you’ll get through the rest of the week

Each minute seems to last an hour …

We want to share with you a way to supercharge your energy levels and win the fight against stress!

Because realistically, if you keep slugging your way through the stress..

It’s bound to have horrible impact on your physical and mental health

It’s like trying to drive a car around.. With the gas on empty.

We are Chow Gar Kung Fu masters and experts, who are creating courses which make people stronger, healthier, more focused, energized and confident.

About us - Zoltán
About us - Bálint
About us - Attila

The solution?

You need to activate and use your internal power using ancient Chi Kung training methods..

I know, It sounds a bit out there, right?

But many studies have shown that ancient Chi Kung training:

This is like putting rocket fuel in a broken down 4 cylinder.

Want your life back but don’t know where to start?

We know it can be hard..

That’s why we created the Iron Body & Longevity  bundle to get you started immediately.

A dedicated Chow Gar Chi Kung program to start increasing your energy and building massive power in less than 3 weeks!

"Brilliant course on an excellent practice"

What is in the Supercharge package

Available with subtitles in
English – Spanish – Portuguese – Italian – French – German – Greek – Arabic – Chinese (simplified)

Iron body - short courses

Iron body & Longevity

Brilliant introduction into the world of Chi Kung, from the perspective of a primarily fighting art, which has also a great focus on health and well-being. It combines both soft & hard to keep the balance. You get an insight into the ancient Chi Kung practice of kung fu masters. These exercises develop your whole body, stimulate everything: pumps your energy level, your strength and stamina.

We guarantee you that you will become stronger and feel rejuvenated with this short Chi Kung course. In only 3 weeks you will definitely feel the results, and start to lay down the foundation of what we call IRON BODY

Standing practice - short courses

Standing Practice

This is a leg strengthening mini course and a small meditation in the same time. It will increase your stamina, strengthen your legs and your whole body. While standing and concentrating on your body and breathing, you are not just strengthening yourself, but you can also get into a meditative state.

Press-up mini course - short courses

Press-up mini course

As the title suggests, it is about press-ups, but not in a usual way. You will learn some press-ups which are used in the physical development trainings of kung fu practitioners. Step by step you will be able to increase not just the number of the press-ups you can do but also the difficulty level.

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