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February 23,24,25

10 San Lorenzo Bidea, 48100 Mungia, España

We are happy to announce our next workshop and training camp will be open now for those who are already practicing this system or have the interest to start learning it.
The workshop will be conducted by Zoltán (left on the picture) who is a direct disciple of Gatekeeper Grandmaster Ip Chee Keung and co-founder of MyChowGar online training program and community.
During the workshop we are going to have two trainings a day. One in the morning between 10:30 – 12:00 and one in the afternoon between 17:00 – 18:30.
For those who will be just starting to become familiar with the system, the first session will be a theoretical introduction with some demonstration about:
1. Basic principles
2. Power generation
3. Forms and techniques
4. Drills
5. Soft & Hard Chi Kung
6. Weapons
For this group of students during the workshop the material will about:
1. Basics: stance, fist postures, steps
2. Foundation strengthening Chi Kung
3. Foundation hand techniques
4. First core form (Saam Bo Gin)
For these people it is recommended to go through our introduction course before the camp, to be prepared with some basics. They will get enrolled into the course for FREE.
With those people who are more advanced in the art, the material will be:
1. Strengthening exercises – Chi Sao, Doi Chong, Chan Dai Geng, Chuen San Gup
2. Core forms – Saam Bo Gin, Saam Gin Yiu Kiu, Saam Bo Pai Kiu
3. Hand techniques – 36 San Sao
4. Soft & Hard Chi Kung
5. Conditioning in pairs
During the day I will open the possibility for two people to have a 45-minute private session, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
For more details please call Luis +34 652 378 525 or send us an email to
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