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手從心口發 - Sau Chong Sum How Faat
Start your hands that come from the heart

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Now in bundle together with our Nutshell and Iron Body course!


Now in bundle together with our Nutshell and Iron Body course!



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Yam Yeurng Kum La End Section Tutorial


In this short video you can learn the ending bit of the form called Yam Yeurng Kum La( Yin Yang Seizing Hand)

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Press-up mini course


In Chow Gar Praying Mantis Kung Fu press-up variations are great power enhancers from the physical aspect of the system.

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Standing Practice


The way to develop unique strength and integration of the body with Kung fu standing practices!

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"Excellent introduction to an Awesome Art!"

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Chow Gar In A Nutshell

This short course is an introductory crash course for those who would like to get a taste of a traditional internal Chinese martial art system. Lots of knowledge in a short course. ENHANCED VERSION!!!

More than 400 people tried it already WORLDWIDE!


"Brilliant course on an excellent practice"

Iron body cluoseup

Iron body & Longevity

You will become stronger and feel rejuvenated with this short Chi Kung course. In only 3 weeks you will definitely feel the results, and start to lay down the foundation of what we call IRON BODY


Get now all for only $29.90!

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