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You can have super-powers, but you don't have to born with it.


If you are here, it means you care about your health, your physical and mental wellbeing or about someone you love. Both are great things and we can assure that you are at the right place.

You feel tired, stressed, lacking motivation for physical exercise because you have no energy. You lose focus easily, forget things and you feel you are not able to spend quality time with who you love, your partner, your kids, your friends. 

We have been there, we know exactly how you feel. It feels hopeless sometimes, like being in a trap and there is no way out. 

We have an effective solution for you to change that. Our method will help you in a short time to get significant results and get back on track.

We put together a Kung Fu Workout mini course for YOU!

We are Kung Fu experts who are creating courses which make people stronger, healthier, more focused, energized and confident.

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The Benefits Of Practicing Kung Fu

You can practice Kung Fu for several reasons: for fight, for fitness, for self defence, for fun, for doing something unusual, for being motivated by movies, etc… But for whatever reason you do practice, there will be some common results for sure, like:

In case of most of the sports, you can quite early reach your peak performance and from there you feel losing it. Kung Fu was always beyond simple physical practice. Real Kung Fu is about body transformation. It gives you a life long perspective and possibility for development, good mental and physical condition even at an elder age.

How is that possible?

Through a very specific method, which does not need any special equipment. 

"Brilliant course on an excellent practice"

What is in the workout package

Iron body - short courses

Iron body & Longevity

This is the favourite mini course of our students. It really gives you something special, you get an insight into the ancient Chi Kung practice of kung fu masters. These exercises develop your whole body, stimulate everything: pumps your energy level, your strength and stamina. This mini course introduces you a little bit body conditioning. After the training session you will feel rejuvenated and energized.

Standing practice - short courses

Standing Practice

This is a leg strengthening mini course and a small meditation in the same time. It will increase your stamina, strengthen your legs and your whole body. While standing and concentrating on your body and breathing, you are not just strengthening yourself, but you can also get into a meditative state.

Press-up mini course - short courses

Press-up mini course

As the title suggests, it is about press-ups, but not in a usual way. You will learn some press-ups which are used in the physical development trainings of kung fu practitioners. Step by step you will be able to increase not just the number of the press-ups you can do but also the difficulty level.

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