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Shake Off The Bridge Subscription

50 $ / month for 13 months

I want to get more! If you reach here through the previous modules and especially if you have already met us, you may have a feeling of wanting more of what the system offers. But at that point you must have the understanding of what this desire really means. Our approach is to go deeper instead of spreading on the surface.

Although you learn new forms, chi kung and other exercises here too, this module is rather about starting to use what you have acquired so far. You will try to bring the power into all of your techniques, that is you shake the bridge.

Shake Off the Bridge is about getting natural and getting spontaneous about using your own power. It is a sculptor’s way of cutting away the excess.

In here you will also receive a lot of feedbacks on what’s going on in your body while practicing our kung-fu. This helps you to refine your power which is a never-ending process.

Most probably in this module you will feel like “Finally, I have a good kung-fu!”.

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