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Saam Bo Pai Kiu Form

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In this short course you will learn in a very precise and detailed manner the third core form of Chow Gar Tong Long, called Saam Bo Pai Kiu or Three Steps Slicing Bridge. This is more of a technical form, which includes several techniques of Chow Gar in a more complex combination, making the form look more dynamic and offensive. It also focuses on short movements, which is a step forward to develop the signature power of the system called Gen Tan Geng or Shock Power.

What makes Saam Bo Pai Kiu difficult is not the combinations but rather the small actions happening in the body and they way how the power should be delivered into the short techniques.

Beside the practice of the techniques included, the form aims to teach the use of the power and body in the signature frame/shape of Chow Gar and teaching the principles.


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