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Support Gatekeeper Grandmaster Ip Chee Keung in his preservation of the Rich Hakka Martial Arts Legacy of Chow Gar Tong Long Kung Fu

Become a member of our exclusive Chow Gar Heritage Membership for just $9 a month and gain access to a wealth of knowledge and practice tools that honor and preserve the tradition of Chow Gar Tong Long Kung Fu. Your subscription directly supports Grandmaster Ip Chee Keung’s ongoing efforts to maintain this ancient martial arts system and the historical Morkwoon headquarters in Kowloon City.

What’s Included in Your Membership:

  • Chow Gar Crash Course: Dive into the fundamentals of Chow Gar Tong Long Kung Fu and start your journey with a solid foundation.
  • Iron Body & Longevity: Learn techniques to strengthen your body and enhance your longevity through traditional practices.
  • Standing Practice: Master the essential standing postures that are crucial for developing internal strength and stability.
  • Press-Up Mini Course: Improve your upper body strength and endurance with specialized press-up techniques.
  • Yam Yeurng Kum La Ending Section: Gain insight into this specific and intricate section of the Chow Gar system.
  • Two short courses of your choice coupon.

By joining the Chow Gar Heritage Membership, you are not just receiving valuable training resources; you are actively participating in the preservation of a rich cultural heritage. Your involvement ensures that the techniques, wisdom, and spirit of Chow Gar Tong Long Kung Fu continue to inspire and guide future generations.

Subscribe Now and be part of something greater. Together, we can make a lasting impact.


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