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Chow Gar Best Start Special Offer

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Chow Gar is an effective internal martial art used to build a martial body and mind, resulting in skills to defend yourself in the real world!

Everyone is seeking real fighting skills, but in the end, just a few are able to obtain them. We were on this path and we almost failed. It felt hopeless, as you may feel now. Finally we found our path, which we always dreamed of. The real way of Chow Gar through Gatekeeper Grandmaster Ip Chee Keung.

It includes:

  1. Get The Taste Of It unlocked lifetime module
  2. Saam Gin Yiu Kiu mini course
  3. Fut Sao mini course
  4. Saam Bo Pai Kiu mini course
  5. Five Element Pole Form
  6. Strengthening with jars & pole mini course
  7. Chow Gar in a Nutshell mini course
  8. Iron Body & Longevity mini curse
  9. Yam Yeurng Kum La Ending Section Mini Course
  10. Standing practice mini course
  11. Press-up mini course


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