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Chow Gar Beginner Class Bundle

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Introducing the Exclusive Chow Gar Beginner Class Bundle: Your comprehensive gateway to mastering the foundational and advanced aspects of Kung Fu, thoughtfully curated for those who are serious about their martial arts journey. This isn’t just a course collection; it’s a transformative pathway designed to cultivate discipline, strength, and a deep understanding of traditional martial arts practices.

What’s Included in Your Bundle:

  • **Get The Taste Of It (Lifetime Access):** Begin your journey with lifetime access to our foundational module. Spanning essential stances, breathing techniques, and more, this course lays the groundwork for your martial arts mastery, featuring over 13.5 hours of content across 58 videos and 24 lessons.

Exclusive Mini Courses:

  • **Standing Practice:** Master Zhan Zhuang (Standing Practice), a pivotal exercise for building internal strength, correcting posture, and enhancing qi circulation, setting the foundation for all future training endeavors.
  • **Press-up Mini Course:** Boost your physical conditioning with our focused press-up mini course. Tailored to strengthen your upper body and endurance, this course is crucial for honing your martial arts capabilities.
  • **Yam Yeurng Kum La Ending Section:** Perfect the concluding sequences of the Yam Yeurng form, concentrating on Kum La (seizing and controlling) techniques. This advanced section is designed to sharpen your skills and deepen your combat strategy understanding.

Additional Exclusive Benefits:

  • **Two One-on-One Private Coaching Sessions:** Receive personalised guidance and feedback through private coaching sessions with our expert instructors, tailored to your individual progress and goals.
  • **Four Live Training Sessions:** Participate in monthly live training sessions, offering hands-on practice of the material covered and the opportunity to refine your techniques in real-time.
  • **Interactive Q&A Sessions:** Engage in meaningful Q&A sessions, designed to address your queries, deepen your understanding, and enhance your learning experience.
  • **Access to a Closed Facebook Group:** Join an exclusive community of fellow practitioners and instructors in a closed Facebook group. This platform is your space for ongoing support, sharing training videos, receiving feedback, and connecting with your Kung Fu peers.

Why Choose This Bundle?

Our Chow Gar Beginner Class Bundle is the ultimate selection for those dedicated to diving deep into the world of Kung Fu. It’s more than a set of courses; it’s a meticulously designed journey that provides not just the tools and knowledge for martial arts proficiency but also exclusive access to personalized coaching, live training, and a supportive community. Embrace this unique opportunity to embark on a path of mastery, self-discovery, and unparalleled martial arts education.

Step into the realm of Kung Fu with confidence and support. Secure your spot in our exclusive Chow Gar Beginner Class Bundle today and unlock your potential for greatness.


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