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Excerpt of the module

1. Get the Taste of It

This is our beginner course which introduces you the foundations of the system and as the title suggests, will give you a taste of the art (takes 8 months from start to finish)

Excerpt of the module

2. Feel and Understand

This intermediate course will bring you deeper into the system by building the next layer over the basics and let you feel and understand more (takes 11 months from start to finish)

3. Get The Power!

This course is a big step towards being an advanced practitioner. It brings a significant change to your Kung Fu by teaching how to build up the essence of the system, the unique power of Tung Kong Chow Gar. This power separates this system from all others and makes it outstanding. (takes 6 months from start to finish)

4. Shake off The Bridge

This advanced level course puts into practice all the techniques you learned combined with the power of the system. During this you will understand why power is the most important and how fighting is more related to skills and instinct than to artificially built up fighting scenarios, how to balance between them. Also you will put more focus on Chi Kung to strengthen your iron shirt. (takes 6 months from start to finish)

5. Way of The Mantis

However it seems like this is the end of the journey, more likely this is the beginning (of a new era). By this time you have the power and you control your techniques, so it’s time to refine your existing skills by learning such forms which cannot be really practiced without them, and to master the weapons of the system. Knowing how to use the weapons as an extension of your arms bring your hand techniques to a completely new level and help you master the art. (takes 4 months from start to finish)

The story of the training

Kung Fu in the last century stepped on the way which led to the formation of tons of flowery techniques, spectacular forms of movements without meaning / real use. Tung Kong Chow Gar system is one of the very few exceptions that maintained to keep its original meaning and, what is essential to understand this meaning, the method of how to practice.

Knowing the method of practice has an outmost importance because this is the key which help to avoid loosing of the right path that leads to real Kung Fu.

We, in Tung Kong Chow Gar, refer to the power not only as the force driving whatever movement but also a set of skills such as speed, reaction time, stability, toughness, reactive sensitivity and freedom of movements. The real power gives you the potential to react to any situation with great force and confidence.

The METHOD is the “SECRET” we’ve learned from our Grandmaster in the last 15 years, this shows how to develop this set of skills. It was a hard way to get here. In our 26+ years of practice we have tried many paths which had not brought us the wanted results until we found the true source of knowledge, Ip Chee Keung the Gatekeeper Grandmaster of the Tung Kong Chow Gar Kung Fu System.

The biggest difficulty in our long carrier was to find the right master, who, beside having the knowledge and skills is also able and willing to teach what he knows. This is where we can shorten your way and bring the big “benefit” to you. You do not have to search and go through all those difficulties we had to and believe us, this is a HUGE ADVANTAGE, if you are seriously considering to master a martial art.

In order to achieve our goal, to fulfill our mission we gathered all our knowledge and experience, and we created this AWESOME and UNIQUE CHOW GAR ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAM for YOU.

The whole program takes 3 years from start to finish. It consist of 5 modules:

We teach people...

We have a serious mission

To keep alive one of the last TRUE MARTIAL ART SYSTEMs by bringing it to the open public with the best Chow Gar online training program has ever created.

Here are our 3 reasons for that:

We want to raise the level of RESPECT and popularity of the style as it deserves.

We want to show the people what REAL KUNG FU is, since nowadays with the spread of Chinese acrobatic Wu Shu people have an unrealistic, distorted picture about what Kung Fu is.

We want to give the possibility to people to learn something DEEP, VALUABLE and PRACTICAL.


Naturally comes the question, whether is it possible to master a system via an online program?

Let’s get this straight here.

Via online training it is possible to get to a decent level with the PRECISE GUIDANCE of people, who KNOW what and HOW TO TEACH.


Important to say

However, we have to say, there are some inevitable things to do, if you want to master any system:

  • To put energy into the training – here, the quality of the training is more important than the quantity
  • To meet your teachers in person time to time – to have one-on-one trainings and have a feeling about the power
  • To find someone – after a certain time of practice to have a partner to train with

We built this Chow Gar Online Training Program carefully with this knowledge in mind, and we will give the possibility to train with us during workshops and training camps. For those who take it even more seriously, think further and would like to become certified instructors and open schools, we will offer this possibility as well.

When you subscribe to our program, you sign up to a GREAT POSSIBILITY, not just to an online course.

Lifetime journey

You will walk the path we’ve been walking for 25 years. During your way you can discover yourself and many other treasures by deep diving into an ancient martial art.

It will strengthen not just your BODY, but your MIND and SOUL as well and will give YOU a STRONG background to your LIFE.

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