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Welcome to Our Premier Program Modules

Start your transformative journey with our specialized program modules, each designed to elevate your mastery of martial arts. Whether you’re a beginner eager to lay a solid foundation or an advanced practitioner aiming to refine your skills, our program modules offer a structured pathway tailored to your growth and success in the discipline.

From foundational techniques to advanced weapon training, each program module has been meticulously crafted to challenge, inspire, and develop your abilities. Our modules are not just training sessions—they are stepping stones to becoming a master of the art, with detailed guidance and support provided by seasoned experts.

Dive into our program modules today and discover how each one is engineered to bring out the best in you, helping you achieve new levels of expertise and confidence. Join our community of martial arts enthusiasts and start your journey to mastery.

I. Get The Taste Of It

Foundation and Framework:
This initial module lays the groundwork of our system. It focuses on building your body frame, teaching you essential concepts and powerful strengthening exercises. You’ll learn core techniques and the vital Chi Kung exercise, Saam Bo Gin, also known as Three Steps Arrow Punch, which is central to our practice.

🕐 13,5 hours of material

58 videos (lessons, guided trainings)

II. Feel And Understand

Deepening Internal Awareness:
We expand your ability to sense and interpret your internal sensations crucial for internal work. You’ll learn to apply principles independently, recognizing inner sensations to guide your actions. This stage integrates internal concepts with practical Chi Kung exercises, deepening your understanding.

🕐 15,5 hours of material

95 videos (lessons, guided trainings)

Available with subtitles in
English – Spanish – Portuguese – Italian – French – German – Greek – Arabic – Chinese (simplified)

program module chow gar hakka kung fu

III. Get The Power

Power Building and Self-Observation: Building on previous theories and tools, this module focuses on enhancing your strength and observing different power types and levels. You will strengthen your foundation and learn to identify faults in your power chain. The ability to self-observe during practice is emphasized, crucial for ongoing improvement.

🕐 9 hours of material

46 videos (lessons, guided trainings)

IV. Shake Off The Bridge

Refinement and Mastery:
“Shake Off the Bridge” focuses on refining and releasing built-up power. This module acts as a precision tool to sharpen your martial arts skills and deepen understanding of body dynamics. You’ll receive detailed feedback to perfect your techniques, ultimately enhancing your overall martial arts mastery.

🕐 15 hours of material

58 videos (lessons, guided trainings)

program module chow gar hakka kung fu

program module chow gar hakka kung fu

V. The Way Of The Mantis

This last module is open only for those who completed all the previous modules

program module chow gar hakka kung fu

program module chow gar hakka kung fu

The Way Of The Mantis: Mastery Unleashed

While it may appear that this is the culmination of your journey, it is in fact the beginning of a new era. At this stage, you’ve developed significant power and control over your techniques. Now, it’s time to further refine your skills by mastering forms that demand a deep foundational understanding, and to become proficient with the weapons of the system. Learning to use weapons as extensions of your arms will elevate your hand techniques to unprecedented levels.

This course is designed to sharpen your knowledge and deepen your understanding, setting you on the path to becoming a true Master in the art of The Way of the Mantis.

🕐 16 hours of material

60 videos (lessons, guided trainings)

program module chow gar hakka kung fu

Ready to Start Your Journey?

To maximize your potential in Chow Gar, we offer two excellent paths for beginners. Choose the path that best suits your learning style and commitment level, and embark on your Chow Gar journey with confidence.

Beginner Class

Join our 4-month group program designed for newcomers. You’ll start your journey in a supportive group setting, with special focus from our instructors through private coaching and training sessions. This structured program ensures you build a solid foundation while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow beginners.

Coaching Program

For a more individualized approach, our coaching program is perfect. Includes more private sessions, a personalized training plan, and the flexibility to progress at your own pace. With extensive guidance and additional materials, you’ll receive the dedicated support needed to achieve your goals over the long term.

program module chow gar hakka kung fu

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