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Become stronger than ever: experience the unique power and the special skills Chow Gar kung-fu gives you

 If you’re tired of feeling limited in strength and energy, and you are searching for that unique martial arts style that finally brings out the best in you – Chow Gar is the answer

Looking for the kung-fu style that will give you the extra power and high-level skills you’ve been searching for?

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Get a taste of Chow Gar, and get the “feel” of moving in this style:

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Do you want to fully harness your strength, but feel that other martial arts styles don't bring out the best in you?

You might know the feeling of training for hours, weeks, months, and still not getting the results you’ve been hoping for. 

When you feel something’s missing… When your strength isn’t progressing as it should, and you can’t find the right style that truly challenges you to your maximum… it’s time for real Kung Fu.


  • You’ve tried other martial arts styles but didn’t get the results you wanted
  • You feel you’ve hit a ceiling but want to improve further
  • You want your training to embody the real spirit of Eastern philosophy
  • or you’re looking for a training style that is sustainable for many years to come – even if you’re not interested in combat

then Chow Gar kung fu is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Rooted in ancient Shaolin tradition

Chow Gar Kung Fu provides an exceptional opportunity to develop and exploit your internal power. This kung-fu system managed to carry on its unique training method and the special skills it teaches into the modern times. 

The movements are extremely fast, the body is still, the stance is stable. Chow Gar teaches its practitioner to use his body in an unusual way that is internal power. Then it transforms this internal power to create a sharp but heavy burst of power called “shock power”.

It’s a special blend of internal and physical kung-fu – an experience that goes beyond just combat skills.

Passing on the Grandmaster’s knowledge

We are Chow Gar Kung Fu masters and experts who created a program which makes people very strong, more effective, who build real fighting skills, a martial body

About us - Zoltán
About us - Bálint
About us - Attila

Each of us has been learning, practicing or teaching Chow Gar for almost 30 years. This is why we can offer you the “secret” shortcut:

eliminating mistakes and avoiding traps will dramatically cut the length of your learning curve.

All of us are high-level direct disciples of Sifu Ip Chee Keung, the inheritor Gatekeeper Grandmaster of one of the last traditional kung-fu systems. Sifu Bálint Vitárius is a Master of Chow Gar – one of four people in the whole world Ip Chee Keung has awarded this title to. 

“The instructor has a very high level of skill. Importantly, you sense an attitude that he is genuinely trying to transmit the knowledge for your benefit and is willing you to succeed.” – Robert Ryan

“I have studied martial arts for over 50 years and you get more open and in depth information than you get from most instructors out there in person. Great comunity and very very knowledgeable tutors.” – Mr. Humphreys


“In depth instructions with very knowledgeable Sifus who go above and beyond to transmit the principles of their lineage. The best martial arts class I have ever attended.” – Pete P.


From this exceptional depth of knowledge, experience and passion, we developed a unique intensive online training program for you, from beginner to advanced level:

The Ultimate Chow Gar Online Training Program

Transform Your Body Structure, Develop Exceptional Shock Power, And Get Precision Skills No Other Martial Art Styles Could Ever Provide

This ultimate 5-module complete program provides:

You'll be part of a proper martial arts school with online instructions, live feedback and support (via a closed Facebook group and online coaching), regular training camps and the possibility to train with us in person at the school's premises as well.

Body transformation + martial skills

Start on the most traditional path of transformation: become very strong, dangerously fast, build real fighting skills, and an exceptionally resilient “martial body”.

Find your excellence.

Let us show you kung-fu the way you’ve never experienced before. 

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