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Welcome to the realm of Chow Gar Kung Fu, where we transform ordinary into extraordinary. We are not just instructors; we are masters and practitioners devoted to the art of strengthening the body and spirit.

Our unique program is designed for those ready to embark on a journey to uncover real fighting skills, develop an ironclad martial body, and harness the true essence of Kung Fu.

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Unlock the Secrets of Ancient Martial Arts

Dive into the rich tradition of Chow Gar Kung Fu with our diverse offerings, ranging from the elegant maneuvers of hand fan weapon forms to the meditative power of Chi Kung, and robust strengthening exercises. This is a unique opportunity to sample our courses at no cost and discover a discipline that resonates with your interests and goals.

  • Choose Wisely: You can select only one course for free. Each course is designed to provide a deep understanding of specific Chow Gar techniques and philosophies. Whether you are starting your journey in martial arts or looking to enhance your skills, pick the course that best suits your needs and aspirations.

  • Explore Various Disciplines: From Saam Gin Yiu Kiu (Shake Off The Bridge) to Iron Body & Longevity, our courses cover a wide range of skills and techniques. Learn about defensive strategies, weapon handling, internal strength, and more.

  • Experience Our Teaching Methods: Our courses are led by experts skilled in the art of Chow Gar. You will learn not just the techniques but also the cultural and philosophical underpinnings that make Chow Gar a life-changing practice.

  • Feel the Impact on Your Own Body: Engage with the exercises and techniques taught in your chosen course and experience improvements in physical strength, agility, and mental clarity. These changes are profound and will reflect in both your martial arts practice and daily life.

This special offer is limited to one free course per participant, so make your choice count! Explore the courses, understand the benefits, and select the one that promises to best meet your needs.

Embark on your path to mastery—enroll today and transform your mind, body, and spirit.

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When you choose your free Chow Gar course, think of it as a zero-value purchase. There’s no need to provide any financial information. Simply register with your basic details, place your order, and you’re set to start learning immediately! Embrace the opportunity to learn Chow Gar with no strings attached and no costs involved. Start your journey to mastery today – effortlessly.

In this short course you will learn specific strengthening exercises developing bridge, wrist and finger power with the usage of instruments like jars and pole. It is part of the external aspect of Chow Gar Tong Long and can be practiced as a stand alone set of exercises, since they do not require the technical repertoire of the system.

In this short course you will learn in a very precise and detailed manner the core pole form of Chow Gar Tong Long, called Ng Hang Gwun (五行棍) or 5 Element Pole. This is an original Chow Gar weapon form, not borrowed from other systems. In the development of a Chow Gar practitioner, this form has a great importance.

Fut Sao Tung Sat - short courses

In this short course you will learn in a very precise and detailed manner the sixth core form of Chow Gar Tong Long, called Fut Sao or Buddhist Hand. It focuses on short movements, emphasising the use of the signature power of Chow Gar, called  Gen Tan Geng or Shock Power.

Saam Gin Yiu Kiu - short courses

Dive into Saam Gin Yiu Kiu (Shake Off The Bridge), the second form of Chow Gar Tong Long. This course teaches a critical dodging technique that shifts an opponent’s balance and introduces a series of strategic technique combinations. Accessible to all levels, no prior knowledge of the system is required.

Saam Bo Pai Kiu - short courses

Discover Saam Bo Pai Kiu (Three Steps Slicing Bridge), the advanced form of Chow Gar Tong Long. This course refines your techniques, making them shorter and more complex, with an emphasis on delivering power effectively. Ideal for practitioners looking to enhance precision and efficiency, does not require previous experience with the system.

Iron body - short courses

Embark on the Iron Body & Longevity course to fortify your physical resilience through Chow Gar Tong Long techniques. This course focuses on conditioning exercises that enhance your body’s strength and durability, preparing you for advanced levels of training. Perfect for those looking to improve their overall health and martial longevity.

short courses

Jumpstart your martial arts journey with the Chow Gar Crash Course. This introductory program covers the fundamental techniques and principles of Chow Gar Tong Long, providing a solid foundation in a short period. Ideal for newcomers, this course equips you with the essentials of stance, movement, and basic forms, preparing you for advanced study. No prior experience is necessary, making it perfect for anyone interested in exploring this powerful martial art.

"A progressive course that will lead you to a change in body structures"

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