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This short crash course is for those who would like to get a taste of a traditional Internal Chinese martial art system. Chow Gar Tong Long is famous for its special skills, which are based on the power generation method preserved in the past centuries, which builds up not only a special kind of power (Gen Tan Geng) which makes the system very effective, but it also makes the body of the practitioner very resistant. This is called Iron Shirt.

The goal of this short, extended version of our very popular Udemy course is to showcase different aspects of this art. You will learn:

  • Foundation
  • Basic techniques
  • Application
  • Hard Chi Kung
  • Conditioning
  • One core form of the system

One of the exercises, called Jee Lik, 30 years ago was still kept as a secret and it was not shared with anyone outside the Chinese community, and before was taught only within the Hakka community. It builds finger power, strengthens the arm, the whole body and it is one key exercise for the Iron Shirt. Now in this short course anyone can learn it!

You can access in this course materials from the first two modules of our program and you can have a taste of how our teaching goes. This system is unique, and there is no such thorough course available for Chow Gar like this. We teach everything we learned in a very precise and detailed way as no one taught it before. If you want to learn something really deep and valuable, which working and adds to your life in many aspects, join our program!

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