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At MyChowGar, we view our online Chow Gar training program as a holistic journey where each module builds upon the last, creating a seamless path to mastering Southern Praying Mantis Kung-Fu. The “Shake Off the Bridge” module isn’t just an isolated chapter; it’s a natural progression from “Get the Power.”

In this module, we take a deep dive into power generation, emphasising the crucial aspect of release—a facet not as prominently explored in previous modules. Here, you’ll discover the true essence of applying power to the techniques of our system, a skill you can later transfer to any movement.

Our goal is to shift the focus from quantity to quality. While this module introduces numerous techniques and exercises, the key is depth of understanding and mastery. “Shake Off the Bridge” is designed to challenge you, encouraging you to select a few combinations or a single form for each training session. Repeated practice, precision, and unleashing power in every direction are the cornerstones of our approach.

By engaging in power exercises, mastering combinations, and maintaining precision, you enhance your internal connectivity—this is what “Shake Off the Bridge” is all about.

Join us on this transformative journey, where you’ll experience power, speed, and precision like never before. Take the next step and enroll in “Shake Off the Bridge” to unlock your martial arts potential.

Most probably in this module you will feel like “Finally, I have a good kung-fu!”.

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