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Ng Hang Gwun (五行棍) – 5 Element Pole

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In this short course you will learn in a very precise and detailed manner the core pole form of Chow Gar Tong Long, called Ng Hang Gwun (五行棍) or 5 Element Pole. This is an original Chow Gar weapon form, not borrowed from other systems. In the development of a Chow Gar practitioner, this form has a great importance.

By this point, the practitioner who completed our program, has the necessary skills, understanding, power and stamina to take this next step in development. The pole plays an important role in the power development, has a strengthening purpose and very much building stamina and refining the skills. Everything the student has learned by this time is now put to the test. 

Practicing this form will show it’s impact very quickly on the student’s skills. 

Ng Hang Gwun – 5 Element Pole

In this course we are referring to the pole lessons of the Strengthening with jars & pole short course, so by purchasing this course you have access to that one as well. After watching the introduction video, please go through the pole lessons of that course.

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