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Chow Gar kung-fu gives an exceptional opportunity to develop and exploit our internal power. Rooted in the ancient Shaolin tradition this kung-fu system maintained to carry on its unique training method hence was able to inherit its special skills to the modern times. That is what we mean by the term “traditional”.

Looking at a high level Chow Gar practitioner the sight may show close resemblance to a fast moving insect especially to a praying mantis. The movements are extremely fast, the body is still, the stance is stable. The system leads its practitioner to use his body in an unusual way that is internal power. Then it transforms internal power to a special way of using the human body to create a sharp but heavy burst of power called shock power. If someone has a chance to feel (or suffer) this kind of power he would feel either as if a heavy object fallen on him at the point of contact or as a shock run through his body. Practicing internal power makes the body healthy and ensures that the skills acquired can be maintained till the late old ages.

When you get more familiar with the method of training and the principles of this system you may recognise and clarify a lot of misconceptions that concerned with internal kung-fu.

This short course is an introductory crash course for those who would like to get a taste of a traditional internal Chinese martial art system.

If you practice regularly what you learn in this course, after a few weeks you will already feel the benefits, you will be stronger and more focused, even though this is only a short extract of the system itself, which is very deep and develops great skills.

Available with subtitles in
English – Spanish – Portuguese – Italian – French – German – Greek – Arabic – Chinese (simplified)

Also you can read about us, about our Kung Fu System, or you can read our blog posts.

Enjoy our inside tour and see You in the Program!

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