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Intermediate level course

Don’t believe that you collect the content of the modules like pieces of a puzzle: I missed this part, now I have it, let’s collect the next one, put it in place, go for the next… no. All the modules aim at the same target: to make you understand how your body and mind work and how you can control them for a single purpose (that can be anything from fighting to calmness in the course of life). 

This module gives larger space for you to sense and realize your feelings which escort your internal work. We give you the guidelines (the principles) but you need to recognize your inner sensations by yourself in order to use them to recall what to do exactly.

Here, you learn internal concepts and theories and you also get a bunch of Chi Kung to put theory in practice.

When you are able to recall these sensations at will then you will become a beginner in Chow Gar – hence our saying: “When you reach something (this one is hard to translate) in Chow Gar then you start to really learn.”

Feel and Understand represents this “something”.

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