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We are Chow Gar Kung Fu experts who created a program which makes people very strong, more effective, who build real fighting skills, a martial body


Everyone is seeking real fighting skills, but in the end, just a few are able to obtain them. We were on this path and we almost failed. It felt hopeless, as you may feel now. Finally we found our path, which we always dreamed of. The real way of Chow Gar through Gatekeeper Grandmaster Ip Chee Keung.

Let us help YOU, as we did with many others in your shoes. We created this course for those who are seeking the true knowledge of Kung Fu, who want to have the power of Chow Gar, the Iron Body, and build real martial skills.

Let us show you Kung FU in a way you never experienced before.

CHOW GAR is not like the acrobatic KUNG FU you see in the movies. It is an internal and very effective martial art used to build a martial body and mind, resulting in skills which help you defend yourself in the real world.

You are at the right place!

"You can have super-powers, but you don't have to born with it."

How It Works?

With our method what we call Iron Body & Power Chain Concept. This is a very conscious, focused physical way of exercise, which leads to these results.

We do care about your development, with our method this will happen:

In case of most of the sports, you can quite early reach your peak performance and from there you feel losing it. Kung Fu was always beyond simple physical practice. Real Kung Fu like Chow Gar Tong Long is about body transformation. It gives you a life long perspective and possibility for development, good mental and physical condition even at an elder age.

"A progressive course that will lead you to a change in body structures"

Chow Gar Super Bundle

The best way to start Martial Art

Get The Taste Of It Module

This is the first module of the program. Introduces you the foundations of the system, it builds your body frame, teaches essential concepts, powerful strengthening exercises, core techniques, and by the end, the most important Chi Kung exercise, the core form of the system called Saam Bo Gin or Three Steps Arrow Punch.

You get much more than a course, you get our full attention and focus on your development.


It also Includes

Get the Superbundle

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