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Looking for the kung-fu style that will gives you the extra power and high-level skills you’ve been searching for? We know by experience that once someone catches a little bit from the essence of this system, they never forget it, and they feel like they finally found what they were looking for…

We know how it feels to train alone. We did it for years when we had no connection to the source, without guidance. It felt hopeless, as you may feel now. Finally we found our path, which we always dreamed of. The real way of Chow Gar through Gatekeeper Grandmaster Ip Chee Keung.

Let us help YOU, as we did with many others in your shoes. We created this course for those who are seeking the true knowledge of Kung Fu, who want to have the power of Chow Gar, the Iron Body, and build real martial skills.

Let us show you this system in a way you never experienced before.

You are at the right place!

"You can have super-powers, but you don't have to born with it."

We are Chow Gar Kung Fu masters and experts who created a program which makes people stronger, more effective, who build real fighting skills, a martial body


How It Works

With our method what we call Iron Body & Power Chain Concept. This is a very conscious, focused physical way of exercise, which leads to these results.

We do care about your development, with our method this will happen:

In case of most of the sports, you can quite early reach your peak performance and from there you feel losing it. Kung Fu was always beyond simple physical practice. Real Kung Fu like Chow Gar Tong Long is about body transformation. It gives you a life long perspective and possibility for development, good mental and physical condition even at an elder age.

You achieve it through a very specific method, which does not need any special equipment. 

"Excellent introduction to an Awesome Art!"

Chow Gar Best Start - The Beginning

The best way to make the first step

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Available with subtitles in
English – Spanish – Portuguese – Italian – French – German – Greek – Arabic – Chinese (simplified)

Chow Gar Crash Course

Chow Gar is an effective internal martial art used to build a martial body and mind, resulting in skills to defend yourself in the real world! This is our best value introduction course to Chow Gar Tong Long Kung Fu. Gives an overview of the different aspects of the system by including lessons from our first two modules. Lots of knowledge in a short course:

🕐 2,5 hours of material
24 videos - 15 lessons - 3 short trainings - tips & advices and more...

As a bonus you get a $50 worth coupon which can be used for the purchase of any course

Also includes

Fut Sao Tung Sat

Available with subtitles in
English – Spanish – Portuguese – Italian – French – German – Greek – Arabic – Chinese (simplified)

In this short course you will learn in a very precise and detailed manner the sixth core form of Chow Gar Tong Long, called Fut Sao or Buddhist Hand.

This form includes several techniques, it focuses on short movements, emphasising the use of the signature power of Chow Gar, called  Gen Tan Geng or Shock Power

Standing Practice

This is a leg strengthening mini course and a small meditation in the same time. It will increase your stamina, strengthen your legs and your whole body.

While standing and concentrating on your body and breathing, you are not just strengthening yourself, but you can also get into a meditative state.

Press-up Course

As the title suggests, it is about press-ups, but not in a usual way. You will learn some press-ups which are used in the physical development trainings of kung fu practitioners.

Step by step you will be able to increase not just the number of the press-ups you can do but also the difficulty level.

Yam Yeurng Kum La Ending

In this short video you can learn the ending bit of the form called Yam Yeurng Kum La( Yin Yang Seizing Hand).

Doing the forms frequently makes the practitioner’s movements faster and smoother and, combined with a fundamental power training, offers the possibility of a lifelong development.

Available with subtitles in
English – Spanish – Portuguese – Italian – French – German – Greek – Arabic – Chinese (simplified)

Get The Chow Gar Ultimate Kick Off Bundle



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