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Best Ultimate Chow Gar Beginner Class:
Your Gateway to Mastering Kung Fu

Our class is already running. The next possibility opens in July. Until that you can register at the bottom of this page or check our other option below

Unlock the Fundamentals with Our Exclusive 4-Month Program

Embark on a transformative journey with our Chow Gar Beginner Class, specially designed to introduce you to the ancient martial art of Chow Gar.

This beginner-focused program not only provides in-depth training in essential techniques and principles but also offers lifetime access to the “Get The Taste Of It” module.

Under the guidance of our expert instructors, you’ll lay a solid foundation in Kung Fu, setting the stage for advanced mastery.

What You Will Learn

  • Stance Mastery and Step Techniques: Establish a robust foundation with critical stance work and movement patterns essential for Kung Fu proficiency.
  • Hand Techniques and Foundational Principles: Explore the precision and power of basic hand movements, supported by the core philosophies that define Kung Fu.
  • Chi Kung for Strength and Resilience: Strengthen your body and mind with specialized Chi Kung exercises, integral for building endurance and focus.
  • Advanced Breathing Techniques: Learn to control your breath to enhance concentration, stamina, and overall health, a cornerstone of martial arts success.

Exclusive Program Benefits

  • Expert Guidance: Receive personalized attention from highly qualified instructors dedicated to your growth.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Master the core aspects of Kung Fu, including stance, steps, hand techniques, principles, and breathing, with a special emphasis on the Saam Bo Gin (Three Steps Arrow Punch), a pivotal Chi Kung exercise.
  • Flexible Learning: Gain lifetime access to over 13.5 hours of material, including 58 videos, 24 lessons, and specialized training sessions, all at your fingertips.
  • Live Group Training and Q&A: Participate in interactive sessions where you can practice with peers, ask questions, and deepen your understanding.
  • Personalized Coaching Sessions: Benefit from two one-on-one live coaching session, ensuring you receive tailored guidance and feedback on your progress.
  • Community Support: Join an exclusive community of fellow learners and instructors in a closed group setting, fostering connections and support throughout your journey.
  • Beyond the Basics: Get a sneak peek into advanced techniques with additional short courses, setting the stage for your continued Kung Fu education.

Program Details

  • Duration: 4 Months (Starts on April 1st, Ends in July)
  • Capacity: Limited to 30 Participants for Optimal Learning Experience
  • Registration: Open Now! Secure Your Spot for an Unparalleled Journey

Begin Your Path to Mastery

With only a limited number of spots available, our Chow Gar Beginner Class is a unique opportunity to delve deep into the world of Kung Fu.

Gain lifetime access to crucial learning resources, benefit from personalised instruction, and become part of an exclusive community.

Seize this unparalleled opportunity to master the art of Chow Gar Kung Fu with our special group offer at $326, including the ‘Get The Taste Of It’ module and additional short courses.

Act fast— the first 10 registrants will enjoy an exclusive 10% discount.

Embark on your journey to mastery today and secure your spot in this transformative experience.


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What Our Students Say About Us


"The quality and quantity of the content is remarkable and all the instructions can be understood from zero because of the experience and commitment of the teachers."

I like from this course how well and crystal clear are directed all the training sessions, with deep details and explanations. The quality and quantity of the content is remarkable and all the instructions can be understood from zero because of the experience and commitment of the teachers.
What makes this course different is the real time attention and assessment that the team is providing, almost (or not almost) 24/7.

I would only add more subtitles and maybe an app format. But this course is a 9'9/10 course, overall and really worths it. I don't think that there is any better option by far, if you are really interested in learning and comprehend a traditional martial art without fancy stuff nor modern additional things.



I met you through a student of yours. We both follow each other on Facebook. I was surprised to see his way of training and did some research to find out what it was. I think that if it wasn't for you teaching it, this Kung fu might be forgotten over time, so I feel lucky to be part of the school and at the same time excited to learn it.



I like the format of the lessons, and also the non stop information and help from Sifus . I like mostly the hard chi Kung exercises, I feel that they make the difference between good Kung Fu and no so good Kung Fu.

From day one of the course i practice every evening from 20 to 45 minutes , it become a habit for me , I almost quit the heavy lifting because my muscles works hard during Chow Gar training. I feel stronger and more agile, more stable and reliable



I've found the instructional videos in this course to be clear and detailed, and especially liked how the big and small training sections quickly showed me how I can build my own proper training session at home.

As for the martial arts system itself, I was looking for a deeper understanding of Chinese martial arts and of the Chow Gar/Southern Praying Mantis system in particular, and feel like I've really found that here with the MyChowGar teachers after having tried a number of different kung fu systems/classes already.



The courses are very good since they are well designed and implemented: it is clear what to expect from these courses, since each online lessons have its own goals.

Moreover, there are Q&A and particular private sessions in which it is possible to solve doubts and therefore to have a deeper insight of the martial arts... all at your own time



Things I love about the course: Is very well structured. It guides you step by step by all technical and mechanical aspects.

There are many options for receive feedback: online Q&A, private facebook group, live workshops. It's focused. It will help you getting stronger. You'll notice this from the beginning. the most important thing Is that this guys don't keep much for themselves.

They are willing to share, I have allways had all my questions answered and they really welcomed us when we visitied them in Hungary.



Chow Gar Beginner Class



Actually, yes. You can get to a pretty decent level, because the way we teach is really thorough, precise, and built up in a way that you can fully understand it and you’re able to practice it.

However, if you want to master anything, you obviously need to put energy in the training – here the quality is more important than the quantity.

It’s also good to meet your teacher(s) in person from time to time – it will help you get a feeling of what exactly inner power is.

It helps to have a training partner, after a certain amount of practice it’s easier to advance when you can practice with another person.

We are going through all the  levels of the system, from beginner to advanced.

This  system does not require and special flexibility. We do not have high kicks, big jumps, we do not practice acrobatic movements

The age of our practitioners is between 34 and 60. Our Sifu, the gatekeeper grandmaster  is 74 and in great shape, his father died at the age of 92 and he wast still practicing at that age. This system gives a life long perspective of practice.

The Chow Gar Praying Mantis system incorporates many soft and hard chi kung exercises (new gong and her gong). These exercises are not just about building special martial skills like iron shirt, but the purpose is also to keep the practicioners healthy and energised.

The goal of traditional Chinese martial arts are not just the effectiveness in fighting, but also to to build a long and healthy life.

Modern science has also discovered in the last decade the benefits of chi kung, many case studies are showing the great benefits of such practice.   

It depends on that specific module. Each of them have their own curriculum with different amount of lessons and trainings.

As an example, the first module called Get The Taste Of It takes 32 weeks to finish with weekly one lesson and training, the second module called Feel And Understand takes 50 weeks to finish with weekly one lesson and training. 

Since the modules are unlocked, anyone can go through on its own pace, so it also depends on their schedule, the time they can spend on practicing. 

If you are just starting with this system and want to learn it in details, the best is to follow the sequence of the modules. That is the most optimal way of learning, because all the modules were designed with a specific purpose and the teachings, the content of the modules are built on each-other.

In case you already have a background, you are more advanced in the system or you are interested in specific areas of the system, you can start with the module you want. We would advise to get in contact with us and clarify what is your background and your goal, to find the best solution for your development.  

We offer multiple options for such cases. First of all if you have a Facebook account, it worth to join our closed members group, where you can meet your fellow Kung Fu brothers and your teacher as well. You can ask your questions there, you can share your training videos and get tailored feedback on what you are doing or what you should do.

If you do not have a social media account, you can ask your question via email and also you can send us videos of yourself practicing and asking for advice. If it is necessary, you can have live  one on one zoom coaching sessions as well for a friendly price.

And of course you can visit us here in Hungary and train with us in person, and join one of our workshops and camps.    


Chow Gar Beginner Class

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