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This is not just an online course. This is a Life Changing Opportunity what we offer to You. With this program we open the gate to an incredibly precious  knowledge which is very rare in the martial arts world. If you Get The Taste of It and you Feel and Understand it, your life will change. You will have a completely different view on what real kung fu is. You will want more and more. You will want to Get the Power of the system to use it to Shake Off The Bridge and suddenly you will realize that this is not the end. There is still something to discover and your hunger for knowledge and self discovery will bring you further on the Way Of The Mantis

Designed for SOLO training!

Get The Taste Of It

Learn an exercise which 30 years ago was a secret!!!

By joining our Nutshell course for the price of a breakfast ($6.90) 

You get much more value than you think…

What You Get

The opportunity to step into the most carefully constructed online kung fu training program

Life changing opportunity

Seldom happens that such knowledge and experience is open to the public what we are offering. We wish we had this opportunity 25 years ago. Now you have it and you can take your kung fu to the highest level you want to achieve. It is up to YOU, and WE are here to help YOU

Freedom of training

You can train anywhere and anytime, you can access your lessons from any device (phone, tablet, notebook, desktop)

Private coaching

If you need personal guidance, we can help you improve through live sessions, where we check you, advise you specifically how to train

Worldwide network

You can connect to many kung fu brothers & sisters from all over the world

Best source of knowledge

You get connected directly to the Gatekeeper Grandmaster of the system through his best, most experienced students

Day by day guidance

We guide you every day with advice how to train and little homeworks to know exactly what and how to do

Unique membership

You will be a member of a special community of kung fu enthusiasts who share the same passion

Camps & Workshops

You can participate in camps and workshops, where you can train with us, experience yourself in real life what Chow Gar is

What You Can Achieve

We can show you the best way to practice, but finally what you achieve depends on how much work you put in

Better physical coordination

Through the course you will learn simple and complex techniques which will stimulate your nervous system and will improve your coordination

Better strength

Since power and strength are key in our system, you will learn very specific exercices which can significantly improve your strength

Special skills

Tung Kong Chow Gar is famous for its special skills like iron shirt, shock power and blood sand palm.

More focus in your life

Your training will also impact your daily life. You will experience that you will be able to concentrate more on anything

Better stamina

Our special exercices will help you build a good stamina

Kung Fu bodyshape

Your body will change through practice. Our special exercices will shape your body to be stronger and more efficient in action.

Mental well-being

Through physical training and chi kung exercices your mind will become more calm, will be more resistent to the daily stress

Increased self-confidence

As a natural consequence you will feel much more confident than before

How do you know this course is for you?

You are a kung fu enthusiast

You are looking for a really special kung fu style with deep teachings but have never found one.

Your just want to learn kung fu

You are looking for a good kung fu style to start with.

You want to do something but you don't like to run or doing cardio

You can burn with our training the same amount of calories as you would run, without doing that, or without doing any acrobatics movements. Our exercises will make you strong and fit and will get you in shape.

You are a Chow Gar fan

You always wanted to learn Chow Gar but there was no school available nearby.

You are not so flexible

You want to learn kung fu but you are not felxible enough for acrobatic moves. Do not worry, this system is for you, since we have no such techniques.

You are too busy to go to the gym

You are interested in kung fu but a regular training in a gym does not fit into your lifestyle.

You are over 40

You want to get in shape, build stamina & strength, find inspiration in real kung fu. You may also want to keep your body, nerve and cardio vascular system in good shape.

You want to be a fighter

You want to learn very effective skills and special strength crafted specifically for fight.

You are experienced

You already learned this system elsewhere and would like to continue or widen your knowledge with us.

How it works?

  • As You sign-up for the program you get enrolled

  • You will be assigned to a closed group of fellow kung fu sisters/brothers

  • Your first tutorial is available immediately

  • Every seven day you get a high quality tutorial video with the actual topic of the program

  • In the lesson you get a detailed explanation what and how you should practice 

  • You have 7 days to practice what you learned in the video before going into the next topic

  • Beside the weekly tutorial we make you available a little training material for that specific week. You just have to follow it and train as we guide you through it. You will notice how your training is changing and improving day by day

  • Since you have the freedom of training whenever and wherever you want, and your lessons, home works are available on your mobile device you can use them and train as many times you would like to

  • During your program you can contact us, ask questions and subscribe for personal coaching if you like

  • Every month we plan to do two types of live session: one training session where you can follow us live, and one Q&A session where you can ask your questions, share your thoughts what you like, what would make this program more suitable to your needs, how can we improve to add even more value

  • there is no time binding, you can cancel your subscription anytime

  • within 30 days from your purchase, if you feel this is definitely not for you, it is not what you expected, you can get your money back

Take this step and join this amazing program and start your journey

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What people are usually asking from us

Is this an offensive or defensive sytsem ?

Chow Gar Kung Fu has a defensive attitude but its power more likely can be described as offensive. A Chow Gar practitioner uses the art for self-defense. However if fight cannot be avoided, the system is very powerful and straightforward.

Is Chow Gar an external or internal system ?

Chow Gar is definitely an internal system, however for soemone who is not familiar with it from outside can look as an external style, since it is a very strong and tough martial art. 

What does CHI mean ?

“Chi” refers either to Air, specifically the air in your body or to a kind of life energy. More will be explained during the courses.

I am over 40, should I start it ?

Sure! The system has a history of 300 years and its training method roots in even older traditions. We follow this traditional method, and we clearly see the benefits. Your joints, tendons and ligaments will be much stronger than before, and you can train until old age as the late grandmaster did until his passing away at the age of 92.

Do you recommend this style for women ?

Chow Gar Kung Fu beside being a very effective fighting system puts focus also on health and improves physical condition, so anyone can train independently from age and gender. Everybody can take out the most valuable part from the trainings .

is the iron shirt the highest level of the system ?

No. Iron shirt is a side effect of the foundation training (if executed properly). This is a very useful skill, one among the others, but alone cannot be considered as high level kung fu.

Bits from the course

Post of our student from the program, after his first visit to Hungary

Angel experience


What our students say about our program

"Just finished watching the second short training, again thank you very much for the excellent instruction. I love all the detail and knowing how to train it properly. I really feel like this is what I was missing with my past instruction."
New Zeeland
"Chow Gar or southern mantis has all the hand work, power, stance training, technique I need and have wanted for years to supplement my formal western boxing, and eventually Chinese boxing or Wing Chun. One day I will come to get that one on one training, but for now I believe I can capture the Way of Power, the flavor via online training. I love the tutorials, articles, training homework. I just practice, practice, practice and really listen to the summaries. Thank you Tung Kong Chow Gar teachers for this gift, I will treasure it and always keep the mantis in my heart. "
United States
"The explanations and the demonstration is very clear."

This is what you are looking for ?

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