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Yuen Sao Pattern

Two kung fu brothers, from the other side of planet Earth meet and promote the system together.

What to say, It is simply great! 🙂

In this video we talk about Loi Noi Yuen Sao which translates as Inside & Outside Circling Hand.

Soc Sao or Shock Pulling Hand

Chow Gar Tong Long has many hand techniques, called San Saos. One of them is called Soc Sao which translates to Shock Pulling Hand. One of the videos we made together with Arthur (EvoBasics) is about this technique. It was fun to film it! 😊 In this short video I explaining how it looks and what application patterns are behind it. You …

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Humbled By The System

This system always humbles me, every time when I train. Especially when I am here in Hong Kong, like now and have the possibility to train every day with the Grandmaster. The training, the practice always reminds me, how deep this system is, how much I can still develop myself, my power, my understanding. No matter how long I am practicing or how old I am.

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