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Revealing The Secret Method of Chow Gar

Secret method of Chow Gar, Hakka warriors, Hakka Kung Fu, Hakka mantis

secret method of chow gar Lao Sui hakka Kung Fu southern praying mantis hakka mantis

Part 3

Unraveling the Abbot's Ancient Knowledge

Secret method of Chow Gar, Hakka warriors, Hakka Kung Fu, Hakka mantis

Strange Phenomenon in Kung Fu

It seems that a defining phenomenon in the world of kung-fu is the competition in the number of exercises and techniques, or the debate about how exactly a given technique is or what it was originally, and in general, who represents an “original” style.

It may be that these disputes arise from human nature and the purpose of these competitions is to establish a kind of priority.

Continuing our thought process so far, let’s examine this question a little more closely in the case of our system in the light of the previously discussed origin story and the Hakka migration.

Evolution of Chow Gar

Today, the Chow Gar style has developed a fairly wide range of training tools, with a different curriculum for each master about which there is also a discussion of no interest to us (1).

Based on the legend, the style reached its current state about 150 years ago.

Regardless of the technical repertoire, however, all descriptions of the system emphasise shock power, fast and strong strikes, and resilience as the main characteristics, not the techniques, or their number or sequence (2).

The Question of Effectiveness

When discussing the origin story, we asked the question that if what Chow Ah Naam came up with was so effective, why did the abbot feel the need to teach him the ancient and secret power training methodology?

It is also a question why in the Hakka tradition they guarded the teachings so strongly that they did not allow strangers to come near them for centuries?

The answer to this is simple: because there is something that determines the effectiveness of a martial art, and this is a group of skills (we call this group “power” as a summary name and will continue to use this summary name).

Techniques by themselves (in terms of combat effectiveness) mean nothing, no matter how many of them there are, without power they are empty, useless (3).

We will perhaps explain the role of techniques in practice in another article.

What has actually always been secret and treasured is the method by which the power can be developed—the secret method of Chow Gar.

The Secret Method of Chow Gar

We know from Grandmaster Ip Chee Keung that the system at the time of Chow Ah Naam was extremely simple, consisting of basic exercises, chi kung, and few techniques.

Nevertheless, it was used very effectively. Why? Because they developed strength and skills, not techniques.

Later, when Wong Fook Go met Lao Sui as a wandering monk, the system was probably still in this state.

At that time, Lao Sui was already a recognised master of several styles. He was famous for his abilities, armed with a large technical repertoire and experience, at a young age, in the fullness of his strength.

Yet the elder Wong Fook Go defeated him very quickly.

Why? Because of the power that Wong Fook Go developed and the methodology of which he passed on to Lao Sui during the six years they spent together, who became a legendarily effective kung-fu fighter as a result (there are quite shocking stories about his fights).

Building on the Secret Methodology

During this period, a much wider technical repertoire was built around the basic methodology, with which Lao Sui supplemented the style.

He did this by possessing a vast amount of knowledge and knowing exactly which techniques were best suited to power training or taught the important principles upon which the system was built.

Considering the Hakka tradition and its preservation, supplementing the style with a more serious technical repertoire was perhaps also good to cover up the essence, the secret method of Chow Gar, more easily.

The Core of Chow Gar

Regardless of the repertoire of techniques (forms), we believe that what came out of the monastery walls 150 years ago by Chow Gar is really nothing more than a special methodology that is “nothing” more than how to stimulate the body and the nervous system in such a way that we gain very great power that we can use in fight (4).

Importance of the Secret Method of Chow Gar Today

Despite the fact that the system is now more widely known, few people emphasize the importance of the method of Chow Gar and even fewer understand how it works, because they did not understand its importance and continue to wander in the maze of techniques, exercises, and forms.

However, the methodology is simple, it only requires determination, consistent and conscious practice, and its effect is more than remarkable. In fact, this is the only thing that really matters, on which results and efficiency depend.

We teach this methodology here in the 21st century, in such an open and detailed way, as no one has ever done before.

This is systematically built up in our online course, this is its backbone, in a form that includes our decades of experience, thus accelerating the development of our students.

Conclusion: Breaking the Mystique

We hope that the mentoring-based knowledge transfer that we carry out within MyChowGar (boosted with an online course) will help those who really want to improve and can overcome the false mystique and the trap of wide technical repertoires.

Because mysticism and ultimate, secret techniques and exercises do not exist.

Fortunately, however, there is a repeatable, well-functioning methodology and a determined, conscious practitioner who wants to improve, is willing and able to deepen.

The results always prove him!

Secret method of Chow Gar, Hakka warriors, Hakka Kung Fu, Hakka mantis

1) The number of exercises arose due to several reasons; we may talk about this in another article. The order in which the many exercises are taught, and which of them a practitioner will ultimately focus on, depends on individual development and the master’s discretion.

2) Just one example: in the versions of the origin story, the detail of how Wong Fook Go defeated Lao Sui is exactly the same: he shocked him with one move – there was no mention of a flurry of techniques or some kind of cunning application.

3) In addition, we think that if there is no power, the more techniques, forms and applications someone learns, the worse it is. We see that when someone doesn’t have the power of Chow Gar, they think that, like in kung-fu movies, they will have to figure out how to react to a given attack in a real situation. This misconception comes from the “feeling” of empty techniques.

4) Since this is the point, the question of name and name changes is completely irrelevant. If a master can carry on the tradition, then he has kung fu and it doesn’t matter what he calls it.

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