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Acquiring the fighting spirit of Praying Mantis

the fighting spirit of Praying Mantis

Acquiring the fighting spirit of Praying Mantis - The Timeless Legacy of Chow Gar Kung Fu

Let’s take a journey through the history and philosophy of Chow Gar Praying Mantis.

In the realm of martial arts, Chow Gar Tong Long stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Shaolin Kung Fu, a system rooted in the mastery of the body’s hidden powers and distinguished by its short-range, potent ‘geng’ movements.

This unique style, synonymous with the grace and precision of the praying mantis, owes its origins to the extraordinary skill and insight of Chow An Naam, a monk whose martial prowess earned him a special place within the hallowed walls of the Shaolin Temple.

The Genesis of Chow Gar

Chow An Naam’s journey began at the tender age of 10, finding refuge and purpose within the temple’s serene environs due to a stomach illness.

Initially serving as a cook, his spare moments were dedicated to mastering the Shaolin arts, a dedication that saw his skills flourish under the tutelage of the high monk Sim See Yan.

It was this profound mastery, coupled with his journey towards acquiring the fighting spirit of Praying Mantis, that led to the creation of Chow Gar Tong Long Kung Fu.

This system not only integrated the highest Shaolin skills but also embraced Chow Ah Naam’s innovative approach, birthing a martial art that was both a tribute and a transcendence of its Shaolin roots, infused with the resilience and strategic prowess of the Praying Mantis.

The Praying Mantis: Symbol of Power

The choice of the praying mantis as the symbol for this martial art was no mere happenstance.

Witnessing a mantis in combat, its sudden, shock-like power mirroring that of Chow An Naam’s own technique, cemented the insect as the emblem of this powerful martial art form.

This emblematic representation underscores the essence of Chow Gar: the amalgamation of sudden power and meticulous precision, a harmony of strength and strategy.

Through this, the fighting spirit of Praying Mantis became the heartbeat of Chow Gar, symbolizing the dynamic blend of agility, power, and tactical genius that defines this revered martial art.

The Lineage of Mastery

From Wong Fook Go to Lau Sui, and later, to the streets of Hong Kong where Lau Sui expanded the horizons of Chow Gar, teaching luminaries like Ip Shui, the art of Chow Gar has been meticulously passed down through generations.

Each master contributed to the art’s evolution while preserving its core principles and techniques.

Today, Grandmaster Ip Chee Keung, along with dedicated practitioners, continue to carry the torch, ensuring that the essence of Chow Gar remains pure and undiluted, a bridge connecting the past with the present.

Philosophy Embedded in Movement

At the heart of Chow Gar lies a deep philosophical foundation, evident in its stances, movements, and the very approach to combat.

The system emphasises a stance that is both grounded and agile, a reflection of the balance between stability and mobility.

You don’t come, I won’t release,” a principle that speaks to the defensive nature of Chow Gar, underscores the art’s philosophy of patience, timing, and the strategic unleashing of power only when necessary.

Training in Chow Gar goes beyond physical prowess, delving into the cultivation of ‘Geng‘ or explosive power through specialized drills like ‘Dip Gwut Gung‘ (Rib bone power) and ‘Saam Hay Geng‘ (Three air power drills).

These exercises not only enhance physical strength but also foster a deep connection with one’s internal energy, allowing for the manifestation of power in the most efficient and effective manner.

The Future of Chow Gar

As Chow Gar Tong Long Kung Fu marches into the future, it embraces both its rich heritage and the innovations of the modern era.

Despite its depth and effectiveness, Chow Gar has not been widespread worldwide.

Today, key figures such as Grandmaster Ip Chee Keung himself, Sifu Lee Tin Loi in Hong Kong and Sifu Bálint Vitárius in Hungary, have been pivotal in preserving and disseminating the art.

The digital era has ignited a renaissance for Chow Gar Kung Fu, with MyChowGar leading the charge in online learning.

This international program, spearheaded by the Hungarian school, has been instrumental in bringing Chow Gar to enthusiasts worldwide, ensuring the legacy of this timeless martial art continues to inspire and transform.

Through its profound history, philosophy, and the unwavering dedication of its masters, Chow Gar continues to be a beacon of traditional martial arts in the modern world, offering practitioners a path to personal transformation and mastery that transcends the physical realm.

Chow Gar Kung Fu, with its unique blend of the internal power and “Fou-Chum-Tan-Tou”remains not just a set of techniques but a journey of self-discovery, discipline, and enlightenment—a testament to the enduring legacy of Shaolin Kung Fu, thriving in the hearts of those who follow its path.

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