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The Hidden Teachings of Chow Gar Pole Forms

The Significance of Chow Gar Pole Forms in mastering the art

chow gar pole

Chow Gar Tong Long, a distinguished style within the Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, is celebrated for its unique power and comprehensive training system that includes hand techniques, footwork, and weapon forms.

Among the various weapons practiced in Chow Gar, the long pole holds a special place due to its historical significance and the unique benefits it offers to practitioners.

The pole forms of Chow Gar Tong Long are not only a testament to the martial art’s rich tradition but also an essential aspect of training that enhances the practitioner’s skills in several key areas.

Development of Power and Technique

Pole forms in Chow Gar Tong Long are helpful for developing explosive power and strong bridge in techniques.

The length and weight of the pole require practitioners to engage their entire body, particularly the core, to manoeuver it effectively.

This full-body coordination enhances the practitioner’s ability to generate power from the ground up, a fundamental principle in the system known as “rooting.”

Additionally, the precision required to control the pole’s movements sharpens the practitioner’s focus and technique, making their unarmed combat skills more effective.

Simply put, pole is a tool for becoming stronger.

If practiced in accordance with the principles, it helps to make the arms heavy and strong what is essential to the shock power.

To make it worthwhile to start training with the pole, you need a relatively good foundation.

Spatial Awareness and Extension of the Arm

Training with the pole improves spatial awareness, as practitioners must be acutely aware of the weapon’s reach and how to manipulate distance to their advantage.

This awareness translates to better positioning and movement in both armed and unarmed encounters, allowing practitioners to control the fighting range effectively.

It is essential that the practitioner learns to bring out the power in the arms.

Since the pole can also be interpreted as an extension of the arms, we can also use it to swing the power into the hands.

One way to increase the power used in combat is to concentrate as much as possible in the arms.

This way, you can hit stronger even with a smaller body weight. A stick can be a useful tool for this.

Cultivating Mental Discipline and Focus

The complexity of pole forms in Chow Gar Tong Long demands high levels of concentration and mental discipline.

Practitioners must remember intricate sequences of movements, understand the application of each technique, and maintain focus throughout their execution.

This mental engagement fosters a meditative state, where the mind becomes clear and present.

Over time, this discipline enhances the practitioner’s ability to remain calm and focused under pressure, a valuable skill both in and out of the martial arts context.

Building Endurance and Conditioning

Practicing pole forms is physically demanding and serves as an excellent form of cardiovascular and strength training.

The dynamic movements involved in maneuvering the pole build endurance and condition the body.

This physical conditioning is beneficial not only for martial arts performance but also for overall health and well-being.

In conclusion, the pole forms of Chow Gar Tong Long are a valuable component of the style’s training regimen, offering a blend of power generation, technical skill development, and physical conditioning.

These forms challenge practitioners to integrate their physical, mental, and strategic abilities, advancing their journey in martial arts.

Through dedicated practice, students of Chow Gar Tong Long can unlock the full potential of the long pole, wielding it not just as a weapon but as an extension of their martial spirit.

One focus area of our last program module  called The Way Of The Mantis is the use of weapons.

Two weapons forms are included in it but only one form is available for people outside the program, and this is the Five Element Pole Form (Ng Hang Gwun).

It goes into details about the necessary qualities of the pole of those who are stepping on the path of practicing.  

It goes along with an other course called Strengthening with jars & Pole, which is focusing on special strengthening methods with specific tools.  

chow gar pole

chow gar pole

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