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Humbled By The System

This system always humbles me, every time when I train. Especially when I am here in Hong Kong, like now and have the possibility to train every day with Grandmaster Ip Chee Keung.
The training, the practice always reminds me, how deep this system is, how much I can still develop myself, my power, my understanding. No matter how long I am practicing or how old I am.
Training is hard, sometimes it is a suffering, really. In those moments I realize that this is a form of meditation.
We have principles what we have to keep during the practice. That needs focus, to be very conscious in that moment of practice.
Which is even more difficult when we are under big pressure, doing hard exercises, but still have to force ourselves to keep these principles. It does not just build a strong body, but also a strong mind.
In these moments of physical and mental struggle, we are forcing ourselves to focus that much that our vision and thinking gets very narrow. No time to think, no thoughts, no nothing, just the focus.
We have to focus to be able to keep going. How amazing this is

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