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Ba Duan Gum

In this video Sifu Kui Fung is performing the Ba Duan Gum 8 Section Brocade Health QiGong exercise.

This is an ancient practice, known to be well over a thousand years old. It is a holistic practice involving the 12 major meridians or energy pathways of the body – essential for our basic health and well being.

This includes the theory of the Chinese five basic elements. It also includes the principles of Yin and Yang – soft and hard, “masculine and feminine”, internal and external energy, all combined to show phenomenal and ferocious power.

In traditional Chinese theory, this approach allows us to develop our body, mind and spirit to the very highest levels. To reach the highest levels of performance and well being we like to train in both hard and soft Qi Gong, all enshrining the principles of Chow Gar Kung Fu’s perspective.

We hope you will enjoy this video illustration. If interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are also looking to hold Qi Gong workshops.

The morning sessions will teach this form. Afternoon sessions will involve hard Qi Gong. Finally evening sessions will involve the equally beneficial Guided Meditation course elements.

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