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Balint & Kui Fung

Sifu Kui Fung & Sifu Bálint

In this video series Sifu Bálint Vitárius is showing his skill together with Sifu Kui Fung.

Sifu Bálint is a Chow Gar master and representative in Hungary, received his title from Gatekeeper Grandmaster Ip Chee Keung.

Sifu Kui Fung is a Student of Grandmaster Wong, who is an official Representative of Chow Gar Praying Mantis Kung Fu appointed by Gatekeeper Grandmaster Ip Chee Keung Sifu Kui Fung is our Kung fu Brother & Partner in the UK.

He has Authentic Lineage and a Class in Wales. Sifu Kui Fung has received Closed Door training. He is a Specialist in Soft Qi Gong for Health & Wellbeing at the Highest Level.

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