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Fut Sao – Buddhist Hand or testing your internal

Fut Sao Tung Sat

When we first saw our later Sifu in person he demonstrated us the Fut Sao form. At that time (and for years after) we did not understand the real meaning and importance of this form (either).

Later when we became his students, he has not taught this form to us for many years although occasionally we have seen him performing it. Then we have learnt it and started to practice …. the movements.

Fut Sao is difficult to perform not because it is a high-level form (we don’t believe there is any of this kind), but because you should realize what the driving force is behind and then you can also realize what you really practice is this, not the movements.

This form is especially good for testing yourself, gaining feedback about the small internal actions and also refining your power (if you have it).

At the beginning you will be overwhelmed by the movements but later you will enjoy plunging into the depths of the matter. Fut Sao also improves the stamina of your internal power.

6 thoughts on “Fut Sao – Buddhist Hand or testing your internal”

  1. fut Sao is intense ,great detailed , informative I’m practicing repeatedly , as well paying attention to detail incredible.

  2. A lot of focused opening,closing ,sinking, breathing ,chi work ,and the step it does exhausted build endurance

  3. Been practicing fut Sao 2 1/2 week going on 3week been practicing( first pattern )4hr a day repeatedly will continue .
    Now working on the first session fut Sao

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