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Saam Gin Yiu Kiu – Shake Off The Bridge

Saam Gin Yiu Kiu

It is easy to mistaken the forms as of codes to solve certain imaginary fighting scenes but although such interpretations might be valid, the main purpose of the forms is something else.

In general, we can state that Tung Kong Chow Gar Tong Long forms help the practitioners to learn and practice how to use their bodies in order to be effective in any fighting situation.

It means that if the practitioner can apply the principles which are otherwise used in the foundation training, the form is useful in working out one’s own (supposed to represent a kind of freedom of movement) kung-fu. Then forms help to learn how to use our Chow Gar power. All in all, there are no beginner or advanced forms, only beginner or advanced practitioners.

Saam Gin Yiu Kiu form (sometimes referred to as second form) is usually taught after the Saam Bo Gin (which is a brilliantly decoded excerpt of the whole system). In here the practitioner starts to bring the power out and use it away from the body. The main scheme includes relatively large movements to help the student to bring the power out (let it be internal or external) but it sneaks in a short gesture (dao sao) as well, foreshadowing the essence of the later studies.

The main sequence also gives a sign (to the ones who listen to) about an important internal action, namely the sinking. Although the sinking here (in order to help the learning process) accentuated by a deep stance which is otherwise not typical of the system.

The last section of the Saam Gin Yiu Kiu is a good example of the genius of the masters who created it. The techniques executed with both hands (make it easier to practice fou-chum-tan-tou) and are very much suitable to make them either long (at the beginning) or medium- and short-range as well.

The closing double hand technique gives an example of one of the fighting principles of the system (simultaneous actions) and also shows a body mechanic used oftentimes (turning the body).

Yiu Kiu then helps to open our eyes also to the full body power – one of the keys to be strong.

It is not our intention to analyze the Saam Gin Yiu Kiu form in detail here, rather we just wanted to show the interested parties our approach from another aspect.

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