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Welcome to Our Chow Gar Camps, where tradition meets transformation in the picturesque settings of Visegrád, Hungary, and the vibrant landscapes of Spain. Each year, our summer camp in Visegrád offers a week-long immersion into the depths of Chow Gar Kung Fu, providing a perfect escape from the hustle of everyday life and a chance to deepen your martial arts practice.

Our Chow Gar camps are designed not just as training sessions but as holistic retreats that allow you to slow down, focus deeply on your techniques, and connect with fellow practitioners from our global community. The serene environment of Visegrád, coupled with the intensive training schedule, makes our summer camp an ideal setting for both personal growth and martial arts advancement.

In addition to our annual summer retreat, we host Our Chow Gar Camps in Spain, conducted twice a year over three to four days. These workshops are tailored to provide participants with an opportunity to refine their skills, learn new techniques, and engage with the art of Chow Gar at a pace that encourages thorough understanding and mastery.

Our Chow Gar Camps offer more than just training; they are a chance to step away from your regular routine and immerse yourself in a community that shares your passion for martial arts. These events are pivotal for those looking to enhance their skills rapidly, absorb the rich philosophy of Chow Gar, and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded individuals.

Join us at Our Chow Gar Camps and experience the profound impact of dedicated practice in inspiring locations. Whether you are looking to advance quickly, deepen your understanding of martial arts, or simply take a break to rejuvenate and connect with others, our camps provide the perfect backdrop to achieve your goals.

Upcoming workshops 2024

Recent workshops

February 2024, Bilbao - Spain

July 2023, Visegrád - Hungary

February 2023, Valencia - Spain

October 2022, Visegrád - Hungary

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