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Power Generation- Connectivity

Chow Gar is a system which is built on power, that is the most important, everything is focusing on it from different aspects.
This power is not just simply muscle strength. It is a power that extends way beyond muscle strength. It is developed by connecting each part of your body together. It uses the body as a whole system, where each part of the system has its own importance.
Exercising all the parts in a special way and learning how to connect and use these parts altogether leads to developing this special power. Once you develop it, it goes through your whole body, it becomes almost an instinct.
We have different exercises which are helping to build it, but most importantly they are changing the body and creating this connectivity, which makes it more efficient, stronger, faster, tougher.
This video is trying to show you how someone who has this power, this connectivity, who understands how to use the body can operate with this power. The power we build is for fight, as you have it, you learn how to put it into your techniques and use it.

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