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Power Generation- Connectivity

With this concept we would like to emphasise two features of Tung Kong Chow Gar (and real internal kung-fu in general).
First, we state that what makes a real kung-fu system is the way how it makes its practitioner strong. It also means that not the techniques make a system but the way how it generates the power usable in fight.
Second, we state that the internal power and the special way of using it (e.g.: shock) is the result of a special way of using our body or more accurately saying the connection between the different body parts by the power.
When practicing we always try to condition ourselves for using our body as one unit regardless of what techniques we are actually carrying out.

Once you master this method you have kung-fu. Then you can forget the techniques. Then you can reach the freedom of movements where you react appropriately to any situation.

If you have a good connectivity (or as we like to say: you operate your power chain effectively) you can exert force effortlessly.

In this video we give a simple demonstration of this concept.

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