Why it is not possible to learn kung-fu online?

Lord Kelvin, one of the greatest scientists of all time once made a bold statement

“heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible”

He was a well respected scientist, and obviously he was wrong! You might say that is different. It is! Is it?

Is it really impossible to learn kung fu online? Let’s have a closer look and find it out.

First of all, let me share with you shortly my background. I started martial arts as a kid with Judo. It was a short experience, took only 2 weak years. I was more excited about kung fu, as many people at that time. My first chance to study kung fu happened to be during my university years when I was 25, back in 1995. Since then, I went through many things. I made a video about it, you can watch it here. Long story short in the last 16 years I’ve learned from Grandmaster Ip Chee Keung and practiced with him.

Two years ago, with my friends we decided to make Chow Gar accessible for everybody all over the world. How is that possible? With an online course.

We sat down and started to think how we would do that, because we had some doubts. We quickly realized that we cannot do that with the same approach as we used to teach people in the school. So, we had to really think it over, how to change our approach to make it work, and create something which is effective, and brings result in the early stage already. It was a big challenge, and we learned a lot during this period. For sure it was a very important and fruitful moment in our kung fu career. And still we are learning it, and time to time we adjust on the fly the course content based on our experience.

When you want to learn something, the most important thing is to find such teachers to whom you can connect in some ways, and they are able to teach, to give further their knowledge. Who have experience in practicing, in teaching, and have a good, reliable source from where they get their knowledge. Many people, who are good in what they do, they are not as good in teaching it, sometimes they are even terrible at teaching. We experienced that as well.

But let’s get back to the topic. If we look closer at the comments, it is clear that they are pointing out specific aspects, areas or techniques of the system. In some cases, they are even right. But what they miss here, is the bigger picture.

See, Chow Gar Tong Long is a very deep system, it is vast, it has many aspects, all connected. When we went through this process I mentioned before, and thought about how to teach, we have realized many things, and we were astonished by how well this system was designed, how much it has to offer, from strength, stamina, speed, focus, health, combat and so on and so on. If one has the knowledge, understands the principles, the connections and can convey it to the students, then it is all done, it is a success. That is hard to find.

Usually who are commenting, simply do not have the knowledge, experience to imagine how this can happen. From one side it is not their fault. How could you possibly understand something which is beyond your knowledge, experience, imagination.

But they should try to discover and understand it. We offer a free crash course in which we even included an exercise which 20 years ago was not even taught to non-Hakka people, or outsiders and still not many people know it.

But unfortunately, people more likely tend to insist and keep their fears, echoing their doubts instead of giving it a try and see it for themselves. And that bothers me. What bothers me even more, is their impact on others, and the illogical process what is happening. Specifically, and strangely sometimes people are more likely relying on these comments then on those who are coming  from experts with real experience, even though they know nothing about the commenter.

Talking about experience, there are some more important factors. We were lucky to meet the Grandmaster and start to learn from him 16 years ago. What can be a better source than the gatekeeper himself, who is the guardian of the knowledge coming through generations. Learning and practicing with someone like him is priceless. Before him we spent a lot of time with a false master, so we exactly know what bullshit is, and what is the difference between fake and real. We used this experience on our benefit. If you ever learned from someone from a different generation and culture, you know how difficult learning can be. So, we digested all our learning, merged with our experience, and distilled it. We can speak the language of western culture and make it understandable. Just think about it for a second and realize it’s importance! It is very, very important! 

Here comes the question again.

Is it possible to learn kung fu online?

I can confidently say that YES, it is possible, to learn many aspects. We have the proof. With good teachers, good method you can achieve great results. That is our strength, the method of this system, which is really unique, genuine, the understanding and the way of conveying it to the students. Of course, there are things you cannot practice online, but you can find a way to practice it in real life. Either with a partner around you, or with us, here in Hungary or in another country, maybe in yours.

Finally, here is the recipe to successfully learn kung fu online:

  1. Find a good program/course. This is the hardest part.
  2. Commit yourself to it and practice. Nothing comes easy, better if you accept that!
  3. Be open minded and follow your teachers.
  4. Check objectively the results and listen to your inner voice. In some cases, even if the course is good, the teachers are good, maybe the system is not for you. It does not necessarily mean it is bad, it is just not for you.
  5. If you feel you found what you were looking for, be grateful, and look for partners and opportunities to meet your teachers. After a while, meeting them and practicing with them is crucial for your development, especially in such a system as Chow Gar Tong Long.

Remember one more important thing: do not fall for the commenters. They are not experts, or at least they do not own the sorcerer’s stone, they do not have the ultimate truth . If you are serious about learning, do not avoid finding things out for yourself, otherwise you will miss great opportunities!

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Thank you for watching and see you soon!

Keep in shape!


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