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Stable Stance

The stable and firm stance is one of the most important skills in our kungfu. Hence the saying

„no stance, no power – no power, no kungfu”.

The source of our special power is the stance. We liken the body to a tree where the flexible power of the branches (the bridges) and the stability of the trunk (the torso) depend on how strongly the roots hold the tree.

It is easy to understand how the stance gives base to the power and increases its level. Imagine two men are facing each other trying to push each other off balance. One of them is standing on solid surface while the other is standing on ice. Which one stays stable? You know the answer. The one standing on ice will feel the other one stronger although the other one might be even physically weaker. So, we can be stronger only by making our stance stable.

Developing a strong and stable stance starts at the first training since it is an integral part of all exercises. Because of the relatively small number of kicks shown many believe that we have no footwork. They are wrong. We practice footwork all the time. The role of the legs is more active than one may think by watching only the spectacularly moving arms.

Sifu calls the good stance „elephant stance” because it gives the impression of immovability. We have exercises which look like combinations of techniques while they are actually serves for testing inter alia the stance.

The stable stance serves as the base for the powerful movements and the iron-shirt as well. Developing good stance demands attention, experimentation all the time and regular training from the practitioner.

Developing the stance is closely related to sinking and to whole body power as well as to the ability of bringing up the power.

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