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The Way of the Power

None of us have the chance to discover the true ways of martial arts back in those times when such skills served the meaning of survival in life-and-death situations. That makes harder to make statements which claim to picture the so called real kung-fu. In its original context kung-fu served as a supportive leverage to spiritual practice and also as a source of the aforementioned skills either on the battlefield or in the normal course of life that oftentimes was cruel and merciless. Time of peace was never advantageous to practicing the way of the warrior because the basis on which physical and mental skills can be tested was missing.

When kung-fu lost this basis it stepped on the way which led to the formation of tons of flowery techniques, spectacular forms of movements without meaning / real use. Chow Gar system is one of the very few exceptions that maintained to keep its original meaning and, what is essential to understand this meaning, the method of how to practice.

Knowing the method of practice has an utmost importance because this is the key which help to avoid loosing of the right path that leads to real kung-fu.

We, in Chow Gar, refer to the power not only as the force driving whatever movement but also a set of skills such as speed, reaction time, stability, toughness, reactive sensitivity and freedom of movements. The real power gives you the potential to react to any situation with great force and confidence. A real kung-fu master is free in his movements / techniques but very effective in fighting because of his set of skills. This is one of the standards we follow: there is no advanced technique unless the skill makes it so. It is a complete misunderstanding to believe that you can learn so called advanced techniques that alone make you superior in a fight. It is not true. If you have the power you can do whatever movement and it will be effective. If you are weak and miss fighting skills there is no technique that would work.

Imagine your most favorite punch. Is it possible to knock out a man with this punch? Of course, yes. Is it possible to knock out with this punch a grizzly bear? Certainly, not. What is the difference if this is the same punch? We all know the answer. And even if we all know, you see thousands of schools where they all believe in advanced techniques while there is no pattern of practice which would fill these techniques with real driving force. They all practice what they call applications but they do not understand why or why not these applications would work. That is the reason why you see practitioners of kung-fu in the ring actually doing a kind of kick boxing far away what they practice daily or trying to do movements which they believe make up their style without doing any harm to the opponent (or defending themselves at least). This is also the reason of the negative critics generally set up against kung-fu and sad as it is we must agree with them.

Tung Kong Chow Gar Kung Fu system is one of the last ones which preserved until today the method of building up very specific power and skills for fight. Our special program is all about this.

3 thoughts on “The Way of the Power”

  1. Chow Gar or southern mantis has all the hand work, power, stance training, technique I need and have wanted for years to supplement my formal western boxing, and eventually Chinese boxing or Wing Chun. One day I will come to get that one on one training, but for now I believe I can capture the Way of Power, the flavor via online training. I love the tutorials, articles, training homework. I just practice, practice, practice and really listen to the summaries. Thank you Tung Kow Chow Gar teachers for this gift, I will treasure it and always keep the mantis in my heart.

    1. Dear Dashaun,

      Thank you very much for this very kind comment. We are happy you like our program. Keep up the good work, you will have the benefits. Chow Gar is a fantastic system, not as well known as it should be. It definitely deserves more recognition, this is one of our goals with this program.

      Stay tuned, many good things will come with this program 🙂

      Keep in shape!


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